Smart IoT Solutions for Smart Airports

Smart IoT Solutions & Facility Management Systems for Smart Airports

“Smart airports” that use IoT technology can radically improve the customer experience while saving costs, improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of services.

What makes the ‘smart airport’ experience so powerful? IoT solutions are leading the way to help manage a very complex business operating environment which involves the logistics of moving billions of people and goods around the world. 

IoT is helping shape the digital transformation of airports. “Smart airports” that use IoT technology can radically improve the customer experience while saving costs, improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of services. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte on airport IoT adoption trends of 2019, 76% of airport respondents using IoT said they used it for operational efficiencies and 58% for better user experience. 

And much of travel experience is defined by issues like baggage transportation and loss, security checkpoint experiences, and reliable high speed WiFi, just to name a few. IoT alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms enabled aviation platform to integrate passenger, baggage, aircraft, ground & airport operations all offered in a SaaS model.

The IoT is a key enabler of the Industry 4.0 trends and can have the biggest impact on airports when the technology is incorporated into the core business model, as stated in the mentioned survey. Seidor and NetOP Technology can help you create the connected, smart airport and be your guide during your digital transformation path.

Smart IoT Solutions & Facility Management Systems for Smart Airports

IoT Network Coverage for Whole Airport: fully digital airports, referred to as Airports 4.0, are covered with a private IoT network. In this way, the airport authority owns a network that is both secure and far from all third-party influences. Standalone or hybrid connectivity technologies can be use; Private LTE, LoRa, BLE 5.0, NB-IoT…

Real Time Airport Staff Locator: these are the systems that provide security monitoring with entry-exit records of personnel in indoor such as offices, buildings and warehouses, or outdoor.

Parking Lots Monitoring & Management: we offer all the technological components required for efficient and optimized parking of vehicles in the airport. Thanks to our flexible and accurate sensor infrastructure, guidance and payment solutions, you can provide drivers find the right parking option the fastest way as appropriate to airport parking rules.

Foot Traffic Monitoring: sensors and big-data analytics measure and anticipate foot traffic flows and help to reduce choke points. GSM signal following –without ID- is most innovative and clear solution for crowd management.

Asset Tracking & Inventory Management: real time tracking and monitoring for all kinds of motorized/unmotorized assets, indoor and outdoor locations.

Electrical Car Charger Points: one of the most important check points to be a green airport.

Predictive Maintenance for Escalators & Elevators: with the help of sensors and Machine Learning algorithms predict the maintenance, service and spare part needs of escalators and elevators especially.

Buildings & Bridges Health Monitoring: vibration is one of the most important dangers for buildings and bridges health. Sensors are always keeping collecting the vibration levels, and machine learning algorithms calculating the situation and possible damages.

Waste Bin Monitoring & Optimization: to be a green airport, management keep watching and monitoring waste management and decomposition.

Gas, Water, Electric Remote Reading: these systems allow remote reading of the meters and share the data with 3rd party invoicing tools. 

Air Quality & Pollution Monitoring: they are the systems in which the measurements of particle and gas ratios in the air are made instantly and continuously and are recorded in databases. System feeds air quality heat maps in real time. 

Indoor Navigation & Guidance: collect and record driver’s behavior while driving all kind of vehicles in the airport. Speed limits, sudden braking, fast actions, restricted area restrictions are very dangerous and often cause an accident. 

Luggage Tracking: luggage tracking from check-in to plane. Also, passengers can real time monitor their luggage’s via airport mobile application via same DB.

New Boarding Techniques: new and affordable boarding techniques for comfortable and fastest boarding process.

Token Based Authentication: for a smoother journey, new passenger experience with single token authentication. 

Some References

Here some of the smart airports that are using our IoT technologies



Real time asset tracking and monitoring.



Using a Blockchain technology called FlightChain with SITA.



2.000 BLE beacons and indoor navigation.



Smart security gates with automatic identification.



Real time parking lot monitoring and parking lots management.



Hybrid IoT network and real time staff tracking.



LoRa network and connected applications like smart metering, smart parking etc.


El Prat

Analysis, monitoring and regulation of the traffic flow at both terminals of Barcelona Airport.

Seidor integrates IoT Technologies with SAP ERPs

We do offer IoT Technologies to Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Mining, Aviation, Healthcare among many other industries and integrate those IoT technologies with SAP ERPs: SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA both on-premise or in the Cloud.

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