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IoT distributors, IoT solution providers, IoT connectivity providers and companies who have an IoT project in mind are welcome to visit our marketplace of endless IoT. We provide IoT Sensors, Gateways, IoT Kits and Cloud Connectivity for all kind of IoT projects. LoRa, Sigfox, Cat-M1, NB-IoT and BLE sensors and more. 

We talk IoT. Connect the things that matter to your business

Seidor partnered with NetOP Technology to offer IoT solutions to Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Mining, Aviation, Healthcare among many other industries and has the capability to guide you through your entire IoT business journey. 

Collect and analyze detailed data and gain precise intelligence about how to improve or even automate many processes by leveraging connected devices provided by our IoT marketplace. Thousands of options are available! 

Our specialties: 


The sensors are based on a Lego like building block technology. NetOP technology can combine different connectivity, enclosure, sensors, and power source components, depending on the needs. Therefore, customized solutions can be built. We can also provide gateways all kinds of connectivity such as LoRa, Wifi, BLE, NB-IoT, Bluetooth 5.0, Cat-M, etc.


SaaS: NetOP Technology has three different SaaS options with a monthly subscription fee without any pre-investment. The Basic option includes intelligent cloud platform. The Advanced option includes intelligent cloud platform plus connectivity (LoRa, Bluetooth5, WiFi etc.). The Premium option includes intelligent cloud platform plus connectivity plus the devices / sensors.

Social distancing 

Ensure that people remain socially distant using SOCIAL DISTANCE, a social distancing and contact tracing SaaS solution for enterprises, factories, schools, hotels, resorts, and more. 

Waste Management 

IoT revolutionizes the way waste is collected in cities by providing operational analytics and route optimization. Waste Management System that provides real time waste bin monitoring and management. 

Cold Chain

From dairy and fruits to vaccines and meat...Such goods will often travel thousands of miles to reach final destination. Maintain, report, and control your assets in route and in storage. 

Vertical Solutions:

Aero suite

"Smart airports" that use IoT can radically improve the customer experience while saving costs, improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of services.  

Forest capsule

Forest Capsule measures the heat and carbon dioxide levels in the forest instantly and detects fire risk. While in a potential fire, the smoke and wind sensors detect the scale and course of fire and GPS sensor transmits accurate location.

Ready to bring digital transformation to your business?

Buy ready-to-use industry IoT solutions, devices, sensors and applications all off-the-shelf. 

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Wastebin IoT sensor

Wastebin Sensor

LoRa | NB-IoT | Bluetooth

Manhole IoT sensor

Manhole Sensor


NB IoT CAT M1 Analyzer Lora



Multitracker IoT sensor

Temperature Humidity Sensor 


Parking IoT sensor

Parking sensor 


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