What is IoT

Seidor offers IoT Technologies and integrate them with SAP ERPs

Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of devices connected together that revolve around data: collecting it, managing it and finding ways to analyze and create an action needed.

Seidor partnered with NetOP Technology to offer IoT solutions to Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Mining, Aviation, Healthcare among many other industries and has the capability to integrate IoT solutions with SAP ERPs: SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA both on-premise or in the Cloud for companies to be able to digitize processes, minimize contact and extend the efficiency of remote management. 

The Internet of Things is changing much about the world we are living in. Businesses that are embracing IoT technologies on their journey toward becoming an Intelligent Enterprise, gain precise intelligence about how to improve or even automate many processes by collecting and analyzing detailed data from sensors monitoring mechanical, logistical, and human real-world behavior. It helps improve their ROI with increased revenue, better operational efficiencies, and higher customer satisfaction.


IoT SaaS Solutions

Industry Specific IoT Solutions

IoT in Practice: The Power of Prediction

How SMEs can benefit from IoT Technologies

With the aim to improve and automate their inventory management, a supply chain manager can use IoT devices. Let’s say they sell water softener salt. IoT devices can help the supply chain manager to monitor their customers’ use of the product and trigger an automatic order for more salt when it reaches a specific low point and alert the supply chain manager of a reduction in inventory. This real-time information ensures the customer never runs out of salt and empowers the manager to provide just-in-time inventory. 

According to a recent study ‘The IoT Opportunity for SMBs’, IoT projects shatter the perception that IoT is only for big companies. 77% of small and midsize companies  in equipment-heavy industries  and other IoT-relevant industries have already taken on IoT projects, and 92% of surveyed businesses taking on IoT projects have pursued multiple initiatives.

Here some examples of How small and midsize companies can benefit from IoT: 

  • Locating people or assets inside a facility or as they move among locations. 
  • Monitoring factory equipment to ensure it is operating safely and optimally. 
  • Collecting data from devices at a customer’s site to offer proactive service. 
  • Using computer vision to process calculate and analyze traffic flow in a venue.
  • Leveraging sensors to track environmental conditions in order to warn of unsafe conditions. 
  • Tracking data from wearable sensors to provide better care or enhance athletic performance. 
  • IoT applications let managers delve deeply into metrics such as production output and logistics.

Why Seidor and NetOP Technology

As 1 of only 9 Platinum Partners in the SAP ecosystem, for over 35 years Seidor has been a trusted SAP solutions provider. We do offer IoT Technologies to Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Mining, Aviation, Healthcare among many other industries and integrate those IoT technologies with SAP ERPs: SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA both on-premise or in the Cloud. 

Seidor is building a Regional Center of Expertise specific for IoT solutions, in its ongoing commitment to help its customers across the region.

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