Hub OS Hotel Housekeeping Solution

Keep your housekeeping department running efficiently while promoting the highest standards for your guest's stay

Whether you are a 300-room resort in the Caribbean or a 15-room boutique hotel in New York City, you need a hotel housekeeping software that helps you save time, keep your hotel organized, and cut costs from day one. Hub OS Housekeeping Solution is designed to help you effectively run your housekeeping department and keep your hotel guests happy. 

With the ability to manage all tasks related to the cleaning of rooms and common areas, you will see increased productivity through the timely communication between housekeeping personnel and front desk staff, all with trusted traceability. 

Benefits of using Hub OS Housekeeping Solution for your Hotel Operations

With Hub OS Housekeeping Solution, time-consuming tasks such as creating housekeeping schedules, adjusting to changing requests in real-time, and tracking room attendants’ progress are more streamlined. 

Here's why smart hotels choose Hub OS Housekeeping Solution:

Mobile: Hub OS offers a productivity-oriented APP with an easy and intuitive interface design for all the housekeeping staff. It ensures that your staff can do the work wherever they are on property 

Simple planning and dynamic task allocation: Quickly plan hotel tasks based on your occupancy forecast and assign tasks flexibly such as staff working hours; avg. cleaning times; the number of check-outs and more

Automation: manage guest requests immediately through automation while keeping your guests happy and returning after each stay

Reporting & Analytics: having access to real-time data into the day-to-day hotels operations allows you to make more informed decisions and improve your bottom lines. In addition, with Hub OS Housekeeping Solution you can establish a target for your cleaning times and analyze improvement margins, productivity rates and potential savings

Hub OS App for Housekeeping
Hub OS App for Housekeeping

Adopting the right hotel housekeeping solution is the key to less stress between hotel housekeepers, faster room cleaning, and happier hotel guests. In summary, it expedites housekeeping operations, captures data to continuously improve performance, and helps executive housekeepers manage their teams more efficiently so that they can deliver better guest service and more. 

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At Seidor we sell, install, implement, train, and support our customers for Hub OS from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami, and California.

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