Hub OS Hotel Food & Beverage Solution

Enhance F&B operations and serve your guest the best dining experiences

Managing your restaurant bookings, controlling dining operations, and managing your restaurants capacity can be a challenging and time-consuming task. With the Hub OS Food & Beverage app for hospitality you can manage all these aspects and more from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. 

The Hub OS Food & Beverage Solution for hotels allows the guest to opt in for breakfast, request amenities, notify of any allergies or set specific preferences. Ultimately, this makes it easier for hotels to avoid overproduction of food. While the guest is the main priority, this solution provides an easier process for the hotel staff to work faster and more efficiently while keeping the highest level of quality. 

Benefits of using Hub OS F&B Solution for your Hotel Operations

Managing food and beverage in a hotel requires the right people and systems in place. Maximize the customer experience and enhance your hotel’s food and beverage services with Hub OS Food & Beverage module.

Here are some of the reasons why smart hotels choose this solution:

Expert booking knowledge: More accurate guest headcounts allow for more efficient staff forecasting 

Understanding customer behavior: Utilize learning through the App to better understand customer behavior and trends based on preferences 

Avoid overproduction: Reduce costs by avoiding overproduction due to knowledge of occupancy in the hotel

Communication to other departments: Notifications when the guest has checked in for meals allows the staff to perform room maintenance or cleaning when the guest is away, ensuring your guest comes back to a perfect room

Hub OS App for F&B
Hub OS App for F&B

About 95% of restaurant owners state that technology helps improve daily operations. Understanding your customers’ needs is vital to bringing success to your hotel. Hub OS Food & Beverage, as part of the whole Hub OS platform solution, will help you improve processes for providing premium food and drinks to the hotel guests while ensuring the highest quality possible. 

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At Seidor we sell, install, implement, train, and support our customers for Hub OS from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami, and California.

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