Who SAP Business ByDesign is for?

Perfect for Mid-Sized Business Exploring Cloud-based ERP

Who is the SAP Business ByDesign target audience? A previously untapped segment of the midmarket - Prospects who have traditionally not purchased integrated business applications. Ideally, minimum 150 employees (to get minimum 20 users) and limited IT staff with a preference for on-demand business solutions. SAP Business ByDesign is targeted at midsize companies with the following: 

SAP Business ByDesign target audience

Business Characteristics

  • Professional services (people/project centric), wholesale distribution, consumer products, high tech, public sector, simple manufacturing.
  • Ideally, minimum 150 employees (to get minimum 20 users).
  • Growing quickly - think in new services, products, or into new countries.
  • Global footprint (either currently, or part of growth trajectory).
  • Changing business model – as a strategy or imposed by external factors.


SAP Business ByDesign target audience



  • Recently backed by VCs.
  • Financial auditor won't audit any longer.
  • IPO/M&A
  • Seeking funding (want to show systems and information is in order).
  • Looking for secure business platform.
  • Sudden business model change (e.g., adding services to product business).
  • New subsidiaries.
SAP Business ByDesign target audience

Technology Characteristics

  • Consuming cloud services.
  • Small IT function for size of business.
  • Using other SAP offerings (e.g., Concur, Success Factors).

SAP Business ByDesign is a Single Source of Truth

As a business leader you want to ensure that your team really works as a team but what exactly does this mean? As a team means that you are working with one version of the truth and this is exactly what our cloud ERP solution is providing. This cloud based ERP gives you access to your entire business 24 by 7 on mobile devices or in any way you like, leveraging reports, KPI’s and dashboards preloaded into the solution. As a business leader, you also want to have an IT system with a predictable cost. SAP Business ByDesign has a simple pricing scheme that allows you to calculate upfront what the TCO would be and how you can leverage the solution into the growth of your company. SAP Business ByDesign is delivered on-demand and managed, monitored, and maintained by SAP experts in world-class Cloud hosted data centers. As a result, there is no need for companies to upgrade and maintain the solution.


As a CIO you probably are facing one of the most common situations. The business is growing and the board has decided to enter new markets or a new country. From an IT perspective this means a new implementation, with a project that takes much more time than anticipated and ends up over budget.  Does this sound familiar to you?  It doesn't have to be this way!  SAP Business ByDesign is ideally suited to companies that need to react swiftly to changing business models; enter new markets; and innovate new service, sales, and delivery models. Because it’s a cloud-based service that’s readily scalable and predictably priced as an operating expense – not a capital expense – you can get the full-featured, enterprise-class solution you need without diluting your company’s ability to borrow.


Financial leaders have a lot of challenges to overcome. How easy is it for you to access trusted data and get a clear view of what’s happening in your business? Do you have transparency that gives a clear view of your company from a financial perspective?  Are you driving efficiencies or collaboration?  SAP Business ByDesign lets you keep track of payables and receivables, payment and liquidity, inventory and fixed assets, taxes and expenses, and compliance and reporting. Streamline period-end closing and make better informed financial decisions every day of the year.


The goal of the operations leader is to get out products and services as fast and as efficiently as possible. You need to manage all the demand forecasting, the supply and the resources. You also need to lower costs and create an efficient process in order to increase customer satisfaction. But are you currently able to deliver all products on time and up to standard? And what about your inventory processes? SAP customers are doing 80% of their transactions in a completely hands free environment, meaning less human errors and more customer satisfaction. For operations leaders, we have the tools in place today to help them get products out the door in a more efficient, cost effective manner.

Does Your Business Meet These Traits?

These criteria apply for both Professional Services and Manufacturing prospects:

  • Want the familiarity and comfort with SAP.
  • Have a visionary CEO who sees SAP as a benefit to their business.
  • Have a growth-mode and change mindset.
  • Are a start-up or spin-off of an existing larger organization.
  • Struggle with disparate or outsourced systems today.
  • Unhappy with a heavy reliance on manual processes.
  • Have a preference for a SaaS solution.
  • Can accept standard software with no modifications/customizations.
  • Willing to follow a phased approach.
  • Meet the minimum 20 users.
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