SAP Business One Subscription

SAP Business One Subscription from Seidor USA

Seidor USA offers SAP Business One subscription as an affordable per user / per month license model for small and midsize businesses looking at ERP software for their company.   

SAP Business One has a flexible license model, so you can choose the purchase method that best fits your budget and timeframe. 

  • Buy the licenses one time:  Licenses are a 1 time cost, paid upfront by check or through a lease; or
  • Buy the licenses as a subscription:  License costs are a per user/per month fee paid annually

When you purchase SAP Business One in a subscription, licenses are priced as a per user / per month charge.  Multiply the monthly charge by the number of users to get an idea of your annual costs.  The only difference is with SAP Business One subscription, you must renew your subscription annually to continue to use the software - in effect you are "renting" use of the software.  With a one time purchase, you have purchased a perpetual license, you "own" it.

Benefits of SAP Business One as a Subscription

Less Expensive:  SAP Business One subscription licenses are less expensive than purchasing through a one time cost

Easily Adjust User License Count and Types:  SAP Business One subscription licenses can be adjusted annually, you can modify the number of licenses for the year.

Faster Time to Value:  Instead of waiting for the cash flow to support a capital purchase, the subscription pricing allows you to get the software faster

Subscription Licenses vs. One Time Purchase

SAP Business One offers subscription pricing for all license types:  Professional user licenses, Limited user licenses, and Starter Package user licenses.  Purchasing licenses by subscription is usually a less expensive way of buying the software - because the subscription licenses are less than you would pay for a one-time purchase, especially for the first few years.  We recommend you run a cost-benefit analysis across the expected life time of the software, as a one time purchase typically is less expensive over the long term. 

Usually when people think of subscription software, or SaaS (software-as-a-service) they expect that the user licenses are bundled with cloud hosting.  We take the approach that how you deploy your software solution needs to be flexible to make the most of your IT strategy.  Yes, we offer cloud hosting for SAP Business One, and we also offer on-premise deployment.

  • Purchase subscription licenses and host your software in the cloud; or
  • Purchase subscription licenses and host your software on a server at your facility

With these options, if you prefer an on premise deployment you can still utilize the less expensive subscription pricing.  The choice is yours!


SAP Business One Software Capabilities


SAP Business One contains the functionality your small/midsize business needs including accounting, sales quotes & orders, purchasing, inventory management, bills of material, production orders, service and project management.

The modules included in the software are the same - whether you buy a subscription or a one time purchase.

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With this type of software contract, we want to offer our clients, with a special focus on the needs of small and medium-size enterprises, an open and flexible solution that fully satisfies your business requirements without making a large investment, which cannot be allowed nowadays”, says Carlos Iribarren, Seidor Sales Director.

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