SAP Business One Cloud Hosting

Run SAP Business One in the cloud!

SAP Business One Cloud delivers strong business management software functionality in a secure cloud environment that frees you from maintaining servers, back-ups and managing infrastructure requirements.

Small and midsize businesses -- manage your most critical business functions with SAP Business One cloud.  It is a robust and scalable solution that helps you to standardize and streamline processes, minimizing errors and delays.  Key functional areas of the software include:

  • Accounting and finance – Streamline your financial operation, from daily accounting tasks to banking and financial reporting and analysis.
  • Sales and customer management – Manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle, from initial contact to final sale and after-sales service and support.  Includes CRM.
  • Purchasing - Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns.
  • Inventory and distribution – Manage your inventory and gain real-time insight into inbound and outbound shipments across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Operations –Manage production orders, bills of material and MRP.  Includes project management, and service contract / service calls.
  • Reporting and administration – Generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data.


Cloud Terms Explained

What is the difference between cloud hosting and SaaS (software as a service)?  With hosting, you are using someone else's computer to host your application.  With SaaS, you use a preconfigured application provided by the experts. 

What is the difference between private cloud and public cloud?  In a private cloud, the hosting is of your application and your data only.  In a public cloud, you share an instance of the application and multiple businesses use it.  While your data is not accessible by the other businesses, all are using the same instance and version of the software.   

Choices for SAP Business One in the Cloud

  • Private Cloud Hosted:  Run SAP Business One SQL or HANA version.  Best for situations where your solution requires add-on products to SAP Business One.
  • Public Cloud Hosted:  Run SAP Business One SQL or HANA version.  Good for situations where you have minimal customizations, and can run the standard offering.
  • SAP Public Cloud Hosted SaaS:  Run SAP Business One HANA version only.  Best for situations where you can run the standard offering, and prefer a subscription pricing model.


With Seidor, SAP Business One Cloud is Flexible

Seidor offers private cloud hosted, public cloud hosted and SAP public cloud hosted SAP Business One.  Choose the standard licensing model, or pair up SAP Business One Cloud using subscription licensing + cloud hosting. Because in the cloud you don’t need to invest in hardware infrastructure or hire experienced IT experts to manage and support the solution, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.


SAP Business One Cloud Costs

Unlike other software-as-a-service applications, SAP Business One costs are easy to understand and transparent.  Payment terms are based on the number of users and the length of your contract, starting at 12 months.  So you can tailor the mix to fit the precise needs of your business.


Local Implementation Team and Support

Seidor supports the implementation of SAP Business One cloud through our local USA offices in Houston, Detroit, Miami, and New Jersey.  Wouldn’t you rather have a local partner who implemented your solution and understands your industry, business drivers, and ongoing support issues – rather than an offshore team?


Summary – SAP Business One Cloud

By accessing your SAP Business One solution from the cloud, you can deploy the software quickly across your entire organization. This means you accelerate time to value and quickly start to see a return on your investment by leveraging the benefits of an integrated approach to business management.

SAP Business One Cloud helps you to run a connected, leaner, and more agile organization.  If we can help you explore SAP Business One cloud, please contact us.


Seidor Offering specifically for SMBs.

SAP Business One Cloud Express One Offering

Having SAP Business One implemented on your Small to Mid-Sized business, does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a ton of money upfront. Read carefully! With no upfront investment, just a monthly rent you can have SAP Business One, the global leading ERP for growing businesses on the cloud.

Get a Quote!  Ready to talk to us and learn more?  Follow the link to request a quote.

Download our Brochure.  This quick PDF covers the features and modules included in SAP Business One Hosted Cloud.  Download it today.

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