SAP Business One Add-Ons

Over 400 Add-Ons Expand the Breadth and Depth of SAP Business One

SAP Business One has been designed to meet the basic business functionality of most companies.  Add-on products expand SAP Business One by adding depth or breadth to the base product.  These add-ons are developed by experts in their field, and are then tested to work with the application.  This allows us to bring a comprehensive solution to meet all of your business requirements. 

Typically we address add-on functionality needs during our sales discovery process.  Our account executives can help determine if your business process can be covered by standard functionality or if an add-on is required.  Then we look at all add-ons available, either those produced by others or by Seidor and make a recommendation.  SAP Business One add-ons are priced separately and usually require license costs, maintenance costs and implementation service costs.

Because basic business functionality such as accounting, sales, and purchasing is managed very well inside SAP Business One, the add-on solutions tend to be industry focused in order to bring specialized functionality to a particular sector.

At Seidor, we have partnered with add-on solution providers such as Beas manufacturing, Eralis Job, and SharperLight (just to name a few) to provide a comprehensive technology solution to our customers.  When your full business process is managed with SAP Business One and add-ons solutions there is better visibility into business data, improved data integration and enhanced business efficiency.

Popular Add-ons for SAP Business One by Industry

Path Management Icon

Services and Repair Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Labor & expense tracking
  • Job costing
  • Milestone/contract invoicing
Reservation Icon

Job Shop Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Labor/material tracking
  • Job costing
  • WIP management
  • Project management
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Retail Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Point of sale
  • Credit card authorization
  • eCommerce integration
  • Cash drawer management
Manufacturing-icon .jpg

Discrete and Process Manufacturing Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Production scheduling
  • Shop floor control
  • Quality control
  • Cost management
  • EDI
Warehouse icon

Wholesale Distribution Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Advanced purchasing
  • Inventory optimization
  • eCommerce integration
  • Bar code scanning/RFID
  • Payroll and benefits tracking
  • UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping integration
Treasury icon

Other Add-ons for SAP Business One

  • Payroll, HR and benefits management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Usability and user interface
  • Data migration and integration toolsets


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