What is included in ManageClean on SAP Business One?

ERP Software for Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Businesses

ManageClean software bundles the functionality of SAP® Business One along with specialized features built specifically for commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies.

With the power of SAP Business One, the solution incorporates best-in-class business management functionality across accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting and administration.

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One
What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- accounting and financials

Accounting and Financials

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Inventory Management

Inventory Management

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Purchasing and Sales CRM

Purchasing and Sales CRM

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Customer and Vendor contracts

Customer and Vendor Contracts

What is included in Manageclean on SAP Business One- Quotes and estimates

Quotes and Estimates

Specifically for commercial cleaning, ManageClean adds functionality to improve cleaning contract management and recurring billing cycles, streamlines subcontractor invoicing procedures, and provides visibility into your profitability. 

ManageClean on SAP Business One Areas of Expertise

  • Robust accounting and financials
  • Detailed revenue and expense tracking by location
  • Setup and run recurring billing for monthly cleaning cycles
  • Capture changes to commercial cleaning customer requirements
  • Capture and bill special services
  • Track work performed by subcontracted cleaning vendors or internal resources
  • Manage the cost of cleaning supplies to customers; prepaid or chargeback
  • Generate complete invoices for customers including recurring and special charges and supplies
  • Automatically generate subcontractor or vendor invoices from customer billings
  • Inventory management
  • Dashboards that show customer retention, gross margin by location, service changes and more
  • Mobile app for tickets, changes and time tracking.


For a complete solution, integrate ManageClean to workorder solutions or cleaning supplies vendors to maximize automation.  

Mobile App Option for Commercial Cleaning Services with ManageClean

ManageClean has partnered with Clean Smarts to help commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies to increase productivity and eliminate paperwork.  While ManageClean focuses on streamlining the back-office processes of managing a cleaning service, Clean Smarts is a web-based software and mobile application that focuses on improving communication and processes for field service teams.  ManageClean and Clean Smarts have developed an integration that securely shares information in order to increase productivity and ensure more reliable data.

ManageClean Commercial Cleaning

Clean Smarts Software and Mobile Functions for Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning Checklists and Issue Tracking

Clean Smarts provides janitorial service checklists that the field cleaning teams use to document tasks, report any issues, and add notes and pictures. It also provides a simple resource for client issues management, so customers can report issues or view issues that your cleaning team identified.

Cleaning Staff Time Tracking

Flexibility is the key to Clean Smarts time tracking functionality.  Cleaning staff can check in and out with the Clean Smarts mobile app, toll-free land line, text, or barcode scanning. Clean Smarts is location smart with GPS, so the app can automatically check in your cleaning employees when they walk into a location then check them out once they leave.

Cleaning Staff Scheduling by Location

No matter if your cleaning client is a single-tenant or a large commercial property – Clean Smarts is designed for a wide variety of applications. Scheduling through the powerful calendar is easy to see by facility/location and by monthly/weekly/daily schedules, either by client location or by cleaning team member.

Internal and External Messaging

Clean Smarts has a real-time messaging platform that can be used by members of your cleaning company and your customers.  Enhance communication with messaging boards for service locations and alerts to quickly resolve issues.

Cleaning Client Site Inspections

Inspections are a critical function in the commercial cleaning business, and Clean Smarts puts inspection management directly into the hands of your inspectors and cleaning staff.  Inspectors can view all cleaning task checklists, check off task completion, create issues for follow-up and generate powerful reporting.

Janitorial Supply Management

Clean Smarts integrates a cleaning supply management system into all processes of your company. It tracks supply levels at all service locations, order fulfillment, and even sends reminders to your customers if they are responsible for a specific supply item that is running low.

Clean Smarts and ManageClean Together

For a full back-office and field commercial cleaning software solution - ManageClean and Clean Smarts have you covered. 

ManageClean controls customer contracts and client information, but it shares client location information with Clean Smarts, so you don’t have redundant or incomplete data to manage.

ManageClean controls customer recurring billing and invoicing, but it accepts issues management data from Clean Smarts, so that tasks that require customer billings can be executed in the ManageClean accounting system.

ManageClean controls the purchasing and warehouse tracking for cleaning supplies, but it shares information with Clean Smarts, so customer supply levels are kept accurate and the appropriate supply billing is managed.

In summary, ManageClean gives you full service in the back-office – Clean Smarts gives you full service in the field and together we’re fully integrated.  

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