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This overview of SAP ERP for manufacturing will cover the business pressures facing manufacturers, explain how ERP helps manufacturing, look at what is used to compare SAP ERP solutions, and Seidor’s commitment to helping you throughout the ERP journey.


Business Pressures Facing Manufacturing


All manufacturers are facing pressures in today’s economy.  They are challenged to achieve profitable growth, survive margin pressure, become more flexible, exceed customer demands and manage an ever-expanding supply chain.  Manufacturing ERP software serves as the backbone of the business to give visibility into operations, empower everyone in the organization, and provide efficiency in the manufacturing process.

SAP offers manufacturing ERP software solutions that cover the automation of every aspect of your industrial manufacturing business including R&D/engineering, sales, sourcing/procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, production scheduling, quality, aftermarket service and finance.

SAP ERP solutions for manufacturing can fit in many different types of manufacturing environments.  Seidor has deployed SAP manufacturing business software in both repetitive manufacturing and job shop manufacturing operations, such as:

  • Make-to-stock manufacturing
  • Make-to-order manufacturing
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Assembly operations
  • Job shop production
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Batch manufacturing


We talk a lot about innovation in manufacturing.  Today’s manufacturers are trying to challenge how they address customer needs, look for new ways to improve product quality, and address issues like sustainability, traceability and environmental stewardship.  More than ever, manufacturers are becoming aware of technology and adapting a culture of change to move towards digital transformation.



How Does ERP Help in Manufacturing?


ERP helps in manufacturing to automate the business processes from sales order to finished goods.  It manages inventory, controls production, provides orders and demand, and gives end-to-end visibility into the production process.

At Seidor, we have over 7000 customers running SAP solutions worldwide.  When talking with executive managers from manufacturing companies, we consistently hear the same business needs they expect from manufacturing ERP software:

Manage Inventory and Bills of Material for Manufacturing

  • Handle all types of bills of materials, and multi-level bills of materials
  • Incorporate landed costs for material coming from overseas
  • Record, track and produce serial and/or batch numbers for incoming and outgoing products
  • Manage multiple units of measure
  • Conduct materials planning, purchasing and inventory forecasting projections within MRP


Manage the Production Process

  • Manage production orders electronically
  • Generate either an assembly or disassembly work order
  • Record the usage of raw materials, resources and labor
  • Generate finished goods


As a manufacturer grows, the business expands and drives additional needs or requirements.  To speed warehouse operations they look for wireless, handheld devices that are integrated to inventory systems for use in the warehouse.  To facilitate vendor orders and payments, they look for integration with EDI tools.  To expedite outbound shipping they look for integration with major shipping service providers like UPS, FedEx and USPS.  We have also seen requirements for advanced production scheduling, shop floor control, batch/lot management, WIP management and job costing.


Compare SAP ERP Manufacturing Solutions - Overview

The process to help you compare SAP ERP manufacturing solutions starts with understanding your place in the market now, and your vision for the future.  We ask questions to understand your business size, your manufacturing process, your place within your industry, and where you want your business to be.  Then we match your requirements, functions, users and investment goals to the SAP solution set to select an appropriate platform.

We apply your business principles with those we have encountered across our customer base.  Seidor has experience with providing ERP solutions within a number of manufacturing verticals, including automotive, chemicals, electronics, fabricated metals, food, furniture, lighting, machinery and equipment, and consumer goods just to name a few.

Over 75% of the world’s transactions run on SAP systems.   


Explore SAP ERP Solutions for Manufacturing from Seidor

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Why Seidor and SAP Solutions for Manufacturing?


SAP’s manufacturing ERP solutions contain integrated functionality for financials, sales orders, purchasing, and production.  There are also best-in-class operational add-on products that expand the breadth and depth of the solution for further manufacturing capabilities.

Seidor puts your business first.  With solutions for the small, midsize and large manufacturer we realize that one size does not fit all.  We take the time to understand your requirements and processes before deciding the best fit SAP ERP solution.

Seidor USA operates from five offices and supports local as well as global SAP ERP manufacturing solution initiatives.  Talk to us to discover how SAP ERP solutions will enable your business to optimize and streamline your entire inventory and production management process.


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