SAP ERP for Professional Services

This overview explains how SAP solutions help professional services companies to identify profitable clients, services and opportunities; acquire, develop and retain the best talent and increase employee utilization; and deliver a frictionless flow of people and information for both local and global operations.

Clients are more demanding than ever. To grow profitably, professional services firms must align every aspect of their operations to deliver consistent quality and high-value services to their clients.

SAP for Professional Services solutions enable professional services firms to align every aspect of their operations to deliver consistent quality and high value services to clients.  

Business Pressures Facing Professional Services


Professional service firms are facing many pressures - such as new breeds of competition, commoditized services, stricter demands on service levels, and eroding margins. They are searching for ways to improve their ability to deliver client value, to become more efficient in managing and integrating talent, and innovating within their service delivery model.

SAP for Professional Services includes solutions that enable professional services companies of all sizes to develop and manage client relationships, maximize resource utilization, improve project and operational efficiency, drive profitability, and adhere to government regulatory requirements.

Firms are looking for improvements in operating and financial metrics:

Operating Metrics

  • Faster time to market with new services
  • Increased win rate
  • Higher resource utilization
  • Higher client satisfaction
  • Higher share of wallet
  • Increased client renewals


Financial Metrics

  • Higher gross and operating margins
  • Increased revenue and profit per resource
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Compliance, minimized risk and more predictable financial results


We talk a lot about innovation in professional services.  The road to service delivery innovation is built upon a foundation of services excellence.  Firms should build this foundation to gain control and transparency in the business and leverage it to build innovative ways of delivering greater value to their clients.


How Does ERP Help Professional Services Firms?


ERP helps in professional services to reduce financial period closing time, better manage projects and operations, provide clients with faster rollouts at a lower cost, and gain better access to business information for improved customer service.

At Seidor, we have over 7000 customers running SAP solutions worldwide.  When talking with executive managers from professional services companies, we ask these questions to determine how effective their current software solutions are today:

  • How effective are you at managing your resources?
  • How do you ensure that your ERP system can keep pace with the future business growth of your organization?
  • Do your ERP systems give you access to the business best practices in the professional services industry?
  • Do you have a single real-time view of all resources?
  • Are you effectively using strategic subcontractors?
  •  How do people in the organization access data to drive performance to plan?
  • Do you need the ability to manage shorter projects at higher margins?
  • How long does it take for you to close your books?
  • How accurate is your forecasting?
  • What systems do you have in place to give you a consolidated view of your company’s financials?
  • How do you ensure the company’s operations fulfill the customers’ demands?

Why Seidor and SAP Solutions for Professional Services

SAP’s ERP solutions contain integrated functionality for financials, customers, sales orders, and projects.  There are also best-in-class operational add-on products that expand the breadth and depth of the solution for further capabilities.

Seidor puts your business first.  With solutions for the small, midsize and large service firms, we realize that one size does not fit all.  We take the time to understand your requirements and processes before deciding the best fit SAP ERP solution.

Seidor USA operates from five offices and supports local as well as global SAP ERP solution initiatives.  Talk to us to discover how SAP ERP solutions will enable your business to optimize and streamline your entire process.


Compare SAP ERP Solutions

The process to help you compare SAP ERP professional service solutions starts with understanding your place in the market now, and your vision for the future.  We ask questions to understand your business size, your process, your place within your industry, and where you want your business to be.  Then we match your requirements, functions, users and investment goals to the SAP solution set to select an appropriate platform.

We apply your business principles with those we have encountered across our customer base.  Seidor has experience with providing ERP solutions within a number of professional service verticals.

Over 75% of the world’s transactions run on SAP systems.  We can fit an SAP ERP solution for you. 

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