Mill Products

Boost profits, safety, and efficiency with SAP software for mill products companies in the manufacturing industry. Our solutions use the latest technology to help you run at peak performance – whether you manufacture pulp and paper, building products, textiles, metals, plastics, or cement and concrete. Improve customer satisfaction, manage a profit-driven supply chain, and achieve excellence in plant and asset operations.

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Market demand is cyclical and slowing down globally. Production overcapacity, high energy costs, commodity price volatility, and regulatory requirements expose mill products companies to increased risk and force them to control costs.

The result of these developments is the increased complexity of supply networks. A responsive network that meets demands, proactively manages supply chain risks, and responds in real time to supply chain events is essential. Competitiveness and long-term success now depend not only on low price but a high level of customer satisfaction as well.

Gain an edge in mill products with SAP software. 


What are the benefits?: 

Help you manage the supply chain, streamline the order-to-cash process, and use assets effectively for:

  • Improved delivery performance 
  •  Sustainable cost savings 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction 
  • Better asset utilization 
  • Less operational and financial risk. 

SAP has solutions for the following mill products industry segments: 

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Building Products
  • Cement and concrete products 
  • Pulp, paper, and packaging 
  • Plastic Manufacturing 
  • Textile


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