When Do We Need New Commercial Cleaning Software?

Is the timing right for you to be looking into new commercial cleaning software?

Today’s business owners at commercial cleaning and janitorial services firms may be reluctant to make a change in the software that manages the business.  But is your business growth is being held back by low end accounting systems or outdated legacy business systems?  What are the signs that you need new commercial cleaning business software?

Need For Tighter Accounting.  Low end accounting systems like QuickBooks will let you delete transactions like they never existed. This is not appropriate under generally accepted accounting principles.  A true business software will not let you erase a transactional record.  With new software, you’ll get more rigor in your financials and visibility into all transactions made by the users.

Need For More Users.  When the company adds staff members you may need to automate more of the business or add more users to your software systems.  With new business software that includes the functionality  needed in accounting, purchasing, sales and more so you can add additional users easily and begin sharing business data in a way that makes everyone more efficient.

Need To Eliminate Errors.  If cleaning service contracts are kept in spreadsheets, and your sales orders are managed in a different system - each time someone needs to manually enter data -- errors are going to happen. Errors cost money, sometimes a lot of money.  With new software, built specifically for your commercial cleaning business, it offers functionality for the business basics and allows for integrations to eliminate manual entry.  

Recognize any of these signs in your commercial cleaning business?  Proactive janitorial service business owners want to use technology to help their business grow.  

Learn more about ManageClean on SAP Business One

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