What to Look for In Commercial Cleaning Software

6 Things to Look For In Commercial Cleaning Software

  1. Proven solution from a reputable software company
  2. Supported by a certified implementation partner
  3. Functionally capable for your industry
  4. Complete business process included 
  5. Integrates to other solutions
  6. Affordable, predictable costs

When a busy commercial cleaning company decides to explore new software for the business, they strive to understand what is needed to make a good decision.  These tips on what to look for in commercial cleaning software is a short guide to the most critical topics.  Walking through these steps will ensure that in the end – the software chosen helps to grow the business.  

Why Look for New Commercial Cleaning Software?

When a commercial cleaning business is staying the same an accounting-only software may be just fine.  But if the intent is to grow the business – this is a different story.  Struggles with excessive administration and inefficient processes will eat into profit margins and makes it difficult to grow.  Growing businesses, or companies that want to grow need commercial cleaning software that eliminates inefficiencies and redundancies.  

More On The Things To Look For in Commercial Cleaning Software

Proven solution from a reputable software company: Look for a solution that is created by a software developer with a solid reputation for business solutions.  Make sure the solution targeted for commercial cleaning has a product roadmap so that enhancements and bug fixes are addressed in future releases.  

Supported by a qualified, certified implementation partner:  Look for an implementation partner that is qualified, certified and experienced in selling, installing, implementing, training and supporting the software for your business.

Strong, functionally capable solution for your industry: Look for a software solution that covers the basics of commercial cleaning businesses such as accounting, orders, purchasing, and invoicing.  It should also be packaged with specific functions that are unique to commercial cleaning like customer contracts, subcontractor invoicing, and supplies billings.

Complete business process to meet your requirements: Look for a solution that is simple to use and has a built-in business process to quickly move transactions from a quote to an invoice and everything in between.  Make sure it provides full traceability on transactions.

Ability to integrate to other solutions: Look for a solution that can easily be extended or integrated to other solutions.  Whenever a data integration can be used instead of manually re-entering information, it saves time and eliminates the chance of errors.

Sold with affordable, predictable costs: Look for a solution offering with easy to understand pricing and predictable costs.  Today’s cloud software solutions will bundle the price of software, implementation and cloud hosting into one price.  This keeps total cost of ownership manageable.

6 Tips on How To Select New Commercial Cleaning Software

To go along with the tips on what to look for in commercial cleaning software, Seidor offers tips on how to select software.  
  1. Assess the current systems and processes in terms of meeting current/future business growth
  2. Identify high value requirements that contribute to business growth – not shiny bells and whistles
  3. Nominate an internal project champion and determine other users
  4. Research potential software products and costs
  5. Conduct a measured evaluation and get a demo of all solutions
  6. Make a final decision

Can Seidor help your commercial cleaning company explore and evaluate new software for the business?

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