User activity monitoring, risk analysis and mitigation with Gensecure

Remote working is an example of a business transformation that works on multiple levels. However, this unexpected remote work adoption come with challenges that need to be addressed if we want to make the most of this new reality.

Leaders must ask questions including: 

1. What is actually happening with my employees while they are working from home?

2. Are the company's digital assets secure and protected?

3. Is the company confidential information secure? 

Yes! It is about thinking new behaviors and making sure everyone and everything is safe and productive. 

Adjusting to the "new normal"

There are so many unknowns in the current situation not only in the macro-environment but also in the operations of each company.  The biggest challenge is that there was no preparation for this drastic shift to a digital way of working. 

As a business leader you need to monitor and analyze employee behavior, prevent and detect insider threats, enforce data privacy and compliance, just to mention some of them. 

The question here is how to ensure that you are successful at building your new reality. User activity monitoring, risk analysis and mitigation are now available with Gensecure. Understand how your employees work — whether in-office or remote, provides complete traceability on user activity and the use of digital assets at the "Endpoint”, protect sensitive & confidential data, and more. 

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