Transform Your Organization with AP and Expense Automation

Public Sector entities can realize several advantages when investing in modern accounts payable and expense management software like capture and track your spending wherever—and whenever—it happens, save thousands even millions of dollars for decades to come, put an end to tedious manual tasks while allowing your team to do their jobs quickly, easily, and from anywhere, just to name a few.

As an IT leader you know that the right AP and expense management tool is an essential and solid investment but how to convince other decision makers within your organization? Here you have 4 powerful reasons that will make them consider upgrading your current system.

“We can actually see where our money goes.”

Having transparency and visibility to ensure compliance and effectively manage government spending wherever and whenever it happens is crucial when your organization runs on taxpayer dollars. Automating and connecting expense and invoice processes will allow state and local government leaders get the whole spend picture in real-time, the ability to enforce policy, and the agility to make intelligent spend management decisions.

“We can plan budgets based on real spend data.”

By connecting spend data, and knowing where every dollar goes, you get valuable insights on past spend that will allow you to guide and control future budget decisions.

“Our staff will love this technology — and love us for providing it.”

Save countless hours of productivity, reduce time-consuming and frustrating manual processes and go mobile for increased adoption. Empower your team by giving them mobile-friendly spend management tools and the freedom to work on their own terms and establish goodwill between managers and their staff.

“We can eliminate errors and stop fraud in its tracks.”

When you have solutions that automatically audit expense reports, allow employees to submit and approve expense reports from anywhere, and more, your agency can save hours of time and thousands of dollars.


SAP Concur, delivered as SaaS, automates and integrates travel, expense and invoice processes to help your organization achieve efficiencies, gain insights into expending and make data driven decisions. Learn more. 

If you would like to explore SAP Concur for Public Sector, then contact us to discuss your needs.

At Seidor we sell, install, implement, train and support our customers for SAP Concur from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami and California.

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