3 Tips to Improve Efficiency in Commercial Cleaning Business

Our 3 tips to improve efficiency in your commercial cleaning business help you run lean and maximize profits.  

  1. Evaluate services delivered – analyze each client’s needs.
  2. Review client profitability – see revenue, costs and margins for each facility cleaned.
  3. Automate repetitive processes – use industry specific software.

Today’s business software landscape provides the automation to simplify routine tasks and to provide faster insight into the health of the business.  Armed with better business data, commercial cleaning executives can make better decisions and focus on the customer-centric aspects of the business that improves profitability and drives business value.

Evaluate Services Delivered to Improve Productivity for Each Commercial Cleaning Client

Evaluating each cleaning client and focusing on customer retention in janitorial services is important because it is more cost effective to improve the value of an existing customer and faster to accomplish than acquiring a new customer.  

You can start by analyzing each existing customer and consider if the fundamentals are in place. Are you helping them with things such as a choosing the contract and schedule, and are their services being supported by a team that delivers regular insights into customer satisfaction and inspections?  

Read more in our blog article, Customer Retention in Janitorial Services. 

Review Client Profitability

Do you know the profitability of every cleaning client and job?  Can you quickly run a commercial cleaning client report to see all revenue, costs and profitability totals by client and facility for a specific period?

Only with these insights can you make the decision to eliminate a customer, add more products or services to your offering to improve your profitability, or increase your prices.  

Read more in our blog article, Commercial Cleaning Client Report.

Automate to Improve Efficiency Within Your Commercial Cleaning Business Back Office

With limited resources, growing businesses can’t always run as efficiently as they’d like to. Employees have an increasing number of tasks to juggle and processes can become ad hoc.  Many growing businesses keep struggling to manage the business with spreadsheets and low-end accounting solutions like QuickBooks.  That means lower productivity – and that’s bad news for cleaning businesses.  

With a complete, streamlined, cloud software solution built specifically for commercial cleaning businesses you will get a real-time view of your entire business.  Run all your processes more efficiently to save time and, best of all, boost efficiency.  

Read more about ManageClean:

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