Seidor provides IoT based Social Distancing and Contact Tracing SaaS Solutions

Seidor is helping businesses keep operating with the help of IoT Technology (IoT). We’re going to take a look at a few of the primary areas in which IoT is supporting business reopening: monitor and trace social distancing.

We all want to go back to work. But, if you don’t have the right solutions in place to provide a safe environment to your employees, you will face challenges. Organizational leaders can look to IoT as it can help enforcing social distancing protocols and also detecting potential infection exposure through contract tracing to guarantee a safe working condition to their staff. Let’s review these two ways on how IoT based social distancing and contact tracing SaaS solutions approach the needs of businesses:

Social Distance with IoT: since the beginning of the pandemic, the advice has been to keep at least 6 feet away from other people indoors and outdoors. IoT sensors alert coworkers when they get too close and pushes the data it collects to the cloud in case of future infection.

Contact tracing with IoT: being able to track all the interactions between your staff will allows you to identify and contain possible spread of the virus. When somebody from your team get infected, IoT solutions can help you not only to understand which staff members were likely exposed and who must take measures but also to make informed decisions.

Data is key to business success today and implementing IoT technologies can deliver enormous advantages during the current crises. Companies that are adopting these technologies, are certainly realizing the value of the data they have and how they support business continuity and optimize operations.

5 different models of wearables IoT sensors

Wearables sensors are available in 5 different models for different requirements and in 5 different Bluetooth IoT Gateway models: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM, Wi-Fi + GSM, Ethernet + GSM:

  • Bracelet
  • Mini box
  • Personnel badge
  • Helmet
  • Vest

All social distance sensors and Bluetooth IoT Gateway models are compatible with each other and can be used mixed.

Are you looking for IoT sensors? 

3-months Free Platform

We are glad to offer 3 months of NetOP IoT platform with the purchase of our sensors. At Seidor we can provide open API protocol and supporting companies on building either their own platform or enable connection with third party solutions

38% of people are not following social distancing rules and one of the main reasons of this (20%) is because workplaces are not able to enforce or support social distancing practices. Get more insights here:

If you want to explore the IoT based solutions, talk to an expert on our team today!

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