Cloud ERP for Employees Working Remotely

Cloud ERP for Employees Working Remotely

Small and midsize businesses are facing challenges in managing daily work during this pandemic.  SAP cloud ERP software solutions can support employees working remotely like never before.

While so many aspects of our daily lives are different, the necessities of your business have remained the same.  With employees safer at home, even companies that hadn’t considered remote workers are now realizing the benefits in finding safe, effective ways to serving customers and delivering products and services to maintain and grow the business. 

How Can Cloud ERP Support Employees Working Remotely?

A cloud ERP software solution from SAP will provide access to critical customer and product information, and provide a way for employees working from home to generate quotes, create orders, view inventory, and prepare and send invoices just like they were in the office. 

Employees working from home need to access important customer information, such as business names, contact names, billing and ship to information, as well as credit limits and order history.  They can also access important inventory information like product numbers, descriptions, quantities on hand and prices.

The software easily allows employees to generate business transaction documents such as quotes, sales orders, deliveries, packing lists, purchase orders, and invoices.   These documents can be quickly printed or emailed directly to a contact through the software. 

Managers can be alerted or use approvals to review business transactions before any information is sent to a customer, depending on your levels of authorization.

Enhancing Communication Among Employees Working From Home

Working remotely doesn’t mean you are cut off from your co-workers or your customers.  SAP Cloud ERP software features CRM (customer relationship management) functions to help enhance communication.

Employees can use the CRM to create deadline-driven activities or action items for themselves or for teams and associate them to customer contacts.

Chat functionality helps remote employees communicate with each other in real time via a built-in messaging system. Live Collaboration enhances the user experience and even allows a user to send links to documents within the solution.

Today’s challenging business climate has businesses looking for new ways to survive and thrive, and supporting remote workers with the software tools to serve your customers is crucial to your success.  

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