Quickscreen Helps Businesses Adapt to Our New Normal During COVID-19

Return Business to High Productivity with a SIMPLE tool

COVID-19 has created a very complex problem for employees and employers alike: how can employers bring employees back in office and restore normal business operations safely? The solution is Quickscreen. Proven to restore business productivity and adapt to our new business normal, Quickscreen involves the simple implementation of a simple tool.

Quickscreen, the first and only automated employee COVID-19 self-screening tool, backed by the CDC and their guidelines, is designed to provide businesses with a easy to navigate solution to bring employees back in office safely, restoring business productivity, which increases revenue, while eliminating varies challenges: employee’s anxiety, risk of liability, lack of confidence in business safety, clarification of company policies in regard to COVID-19. Many industries like production and manufacturing cannot operate with remote working forever. For productivity and revenue levels to increase, employees must return to office. 

Watch How Quickscreen Works

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How Quickscreen Restores Productivity

  • Makes sure employees can safely return to work and reduce their anxiety surrounding COVID-19 with personal daily screening
  • Gives visitors, vendors, and customers the confidence to visit your business, while showing concern for the safety of the community
  • Protects your business from liability and litigation by following and automatically updating to abide by federal guidelines surrounding compliance and privacy
  • Communicates clear company policies and instructions during the pandemic and possible future health disruptions 

What Makes Quickscreen so Simple

An innovative COVID-19 screening tool, with a less than two-day implementation process, Quickscreen ensures the safety of your employees, vendors, visitors, and customers by following the CDC guideline (all the above must self-screen), with a 30-second daily prescreening process . Quickscreen automates this process by implementing a solution with real-time alerts, easy to navigate features, mobile and computer accessibility, management oversight of all employees in multiple geographic locations, instant assessments, and timely increments (30-second screening). The system is built on Syndromic Surveillance, which unlike COVID-19 testing, automatically monitors each employee system records for 14 days, better telling of who is suspected to have COVID-19.

The solution requires no other technology software in place and no additional add-ons. 

Quickscreen Weekly Webinars

Seidor and Luminare have partnered to deliver weekly webinars surrounding the solution Quickscreen. For a live demo of the product, register for a session below:

Each session will be held at 11:00 a.m. CST and last 30 minutes with time for questions. 


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If you want to explore Quickscreen solution talk to an expert on our team today!

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