Quickscreen Technology Solution is Important for Assessing COVID-19 in the Workplace

Mask and Temperature Checks Alone will not Keep Employees Safe in the Fight Against COVID-19

It great that companies are gearing up to return in office by investing in thermometers, personal protection equipment (PPE), and sanitation devices, however with the complexities of COVID-19, this is not enough to keep the business safe. Adding the Quickscreen technology solution to the list of necessities of opening back up, keeps employees and the community safe immediately.

Requiring daily temperature checks, facial coverings and use of PPE will not keep a business safe from COVID-19 for multiple reasons: inaccurate temperature readings, false sense of security within employees, no stage tracking, and no contact tracing to name a few. Quickscreen, the automated employee self-certification tool, is designed based on Syndromic Surveillance, or automatically monitoring and tracking infectious disease outbreaks. The technology tool tracks each employees’ symptoms daily and monitors employees’ symptoms over varies weeks, to minimize the spread of an office wide break-out. There is no vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 and testing for COVID-19 has been proven unreliable and inefficient.

Quickscreen prevents the spread of COVID-19 in the office space and the community. The automated solution allows for contact and stage tracing, which in turn makes it easier to pinpoint the infected and exposed and keep business operations running. PPE is needed for businesses to return, but Quickscreen is a MUST have addition to adapt to our new business normal.

Traditional PPE ONLY

mask, thermometer, clothing, sanitation devices

  • known cases of inaccurate temperature readings with peripheral and infrared thermometers 
  • temperature is not the only symptom of COVID-19 nor a clear indicator of COVID-19 
  • temperature cannot determine the stage the virus is at 


Including Quickscreen

a syndromic surveillance technology solution

  • tracks employee symptoms daily 
  • monitors employees’ symptoms over weekly periods of time 
  • contact tracing to pinpoint the infected and exposed group 
  • protects the business legally by following federal guidelines on employee health, safety and privacy 

Quickscreen Weekly Webinars

Seidor and Luminare have partnered to deliver weekly webinars surrounding the solution Quickscreen. For a live demo of the product, register for a session below:

Each session will be held at 11:00 a.m. CST and last 30 minutes with time for questions. 


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If you want to explore Quickscreen solution talk to an expert on our team today!

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