IoT Technology for Health and Business Continuity

The adoption of IoT is crucial for businesses that want to be resilient and want to have the availability to quickly adapt and react to changes

Are you wondering how IoT technology (IoT) is supporting SMEs and large corporations during the pandemic? A recent report which surveyed over 1,600 businesses globally showed that the great majority (84%) of IoT adopters felt IoT has ensured business continuity and maintained operations.

COVID-19 has changed the way companies operate and this will continue long past the pandemic. You might be surprised to learn how the adoption of IoT technology has helped businesses from US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, China, Ireland, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.


  • 84% of adopters now view the integration of IoT devices with workers as a higher priority
  • 73% agree that the COVID-19 would accelerate their adoption plans.
  • 87% agree their core business strategy has changed for the better as a result of adopting IoT
  • 95% achieved ROI, and 55% of adopters have seen operating costs decrease by an average of 21%
  • 55% of adopters have seen operating costs decrease by an average of 21%
  • IoT data was also seen as becoming essential to support businesses’ decision-making (59%)


This research demonstrates that implementing IoT technologies is crucial for businesses that want to be resilient and want to have the availability to quickly adapt and react to changes.

IoT Technology for Health and Business Continuity

IoT and COVID 19 for health and safety reasons

Organizations are embracing the adoption of IoT sensors to build a safer workplace and meet pandemic-related safety requirements. There are two primary areas in which IoT is supporting business reopening, one is monitoring and two tracing social distancing - both insights are critical for health and safety reasons.

IoT sensors for COVID-19 alert workmates when they get too close and pushes the data it collects to the cloud in case of future infection (Social Distance). They will also help you to understand which staff members were likely exposed to somebody from your team that tested positive and who must take preventive measures but also to make informed decisions (Contact tracing). 


Wearable IoT sensors for companies during the pandemic

Seidor is helping health care, manufacturing, hospitality and construction businesses, just to name a few, to address the pandemic situation and keep operating with the adoption of wearables IoT sensors for COVID-19 available in 5 different models for different requirements, such as bracelet, mini box, personnel badge, helmet and vest, and in 5 different Bluetooth IoT Gateway models: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM, Wi-Fi + GSM, Ethernet + GSM (all social distance sensors and Bluetooth IoT Gateway models are compatible with each other and can be used mixed). 

ROI and more

The adoption of IoT technologies can deliver a huge number of advantages during the pandemic and organizational leaders that embrace the implementation of these technologies demonstrate an obligation to their staff to guarantee a safe working condition. They recognize advantages, like:

  • Quicker staff involvement to come back to work
  • A secure workplace
  • Decrease in staff fear
  • Keep up with contact tracing norms to track the spread of the infection
  • Encourage worker physical and mental safety
  • Avoid penalties due to a lack of compliance

If you want to explore the IoT based solutions, talk to an expert on our team today!

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