How to Set Up a Price List in Foreign Currency in SAP Business One

The process of setting up a price list in foreign currency

1. Set up the foreign currency in Administration > Setup > Financials > Currencies

SAP B1 Foreign Currency

2. Set up the currency of the Business Partner to the foreign currency

SAP B1 Foreign Currency

3. To set up the Special Price list to foreign currency, go to Inventory>Price List>Special Price list.  Set up the Price list base on the header to “Without Price List”.  Manually enter the price of the item with the currency so enter EUR50 instead of just 50 in the Price after Discount field.

SAP B1 Foreign Currency

4. If instead of creating a Special Price list, you wish to use one of the regular price lists, go to Inventory > Price List > Price List.  Add a new price list and change the primary currency to the foreign currency.  Then in the BP Master data>Payment terms tab, select the foreign currency Price list.  

SAP B1 Foreign Currency
SAP B1 Foreign Currency

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