How Governments can manage Invoices and Expenses in New Normal With SAP Concur

Automate, Integrate, and Digitize are the Keys to Surviving the New Normal

Managing spend has always been a daunting task for government agencies and now even more of a nightmare with our new work reality. Good news! Sap Concur is designed to eliminate the challenges surrounding spend management and provide the best way to gain the adaptability it takes to manage future changes.

The new reality is here to stay. Automate, integrate, and digitize are the keys to surviving the new normal. The automated solution, SAP Concur, does not just help to solve the now, but is here to guide organizations through the future challenges with seamless integration and a digital transformation of business process through automation.

How is remote working, working for your budget?

Due to the current circumstances, state and local government finance teams are facing unprecedented challenges.

  • 67% of finance leaders have accepted three or more new responsibilities.
  • 68% are challenged by managing new spend or unexpected expenses.
  • 48% of departments struggle to deal with the volume of government benefit requests.
  • 88% report problems with remotely accessing project related information and tools.


Adapting your organization policies will be the only way to move forward and succeed in the future. With SAP Concur, organizations are transforming their how they manage invoices and expenses through automation. 

Benefits of eliminating the traditional process and choosing SAP Concur:

  1. Exception Handling: Drive down the data-entry errors of paper-based invoices; you’ll see fewer exceptions, and you’ll have the insight you need to deal with those that arise.
  2. New Spend Categories: When you suddenly have to buy something like PPE, you can quickly adapt to track the costs.
  3. Late Fees: Automated efficiency eliminates the roadblocks in your process that result in added fees.
  4. Audits: AI-driven auditing does the hard work for you, checking every expense report against your policies, so you can deliver more oversight in less time.
  5. Compliance: Real-time visibility allows you to take proactive control of how compliance polices are working and how grant or rainy-day funding is being used.
  6. Forecasting: When you can see what’s spent, what’s pending, and what’s left in your budgets, you can accurately and instantly forecast (and reforecast) as funding sources shift. You’ll also know when budget shortfalls are coming, and you’ll have the insight to make the in-the-moment decisions – so spending goes where you need it most.


State and Local Governments Finance Teams Need Control and Visibility to Face Unprecedented Challenges

Watch how SAP Concur can help prepare public sector organizations for the future and help push business continuity through the current situation:

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