Excel Add-In for Reporting in SAP Business ByDesign

How To Use Excel Add In SAP ByD for Reporting Purposes

First of all, let's start by defining 'Excel add in'. 

The Add-In is a feature that enables you to create and edit workbooks in Microsoft Excel. These workbooks include reports from the corresponding ByDesign tenant and are susceptible to being edited using the vast array of features provided by Excel. Workbooks that are created in Excel can be saved and viewed in the tenant in various work centers.

When do we use it?

  1. When we need to slice and dice information
  2. When we want to edit reports to reflect specific information that is not available in the tenant
  3. When we want to use the features unique to Microsoft Excel to edit the reports in the system.

What are the benefits? 

In workbooks created in excel, multiple reports can be saved in the same workbook. This enables users to have multiple reports readily accessible in one workbook.

The Add-In feature enables users to take advantage of the various functions within Microsoft Excel.

It also enables users to view multiple reports in one worksheet. 

How to use it?

  1. Download the Add-In from the Download Center in Application in User Management
  2. Log on to the Add-In using SAP ByD credentials
  3. Once logged in, insert a report into the workbook. If desired, multiple reports are able to be downloaded into the workbook.
  4. Use view and selection to modify the report and choose which information to display when viewing the report.
  5. Refresh the report to update the workbook with any changes in the tenant. Save the workbook to be able to access it later and view it in a variety of work centers within ByDesign.
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