Concur for K-12 Spend Management

How can your organization gain complete visibility and control of employee initiated spend within the school system?

As technology is becoming more digital and advanced in school district, financial management is still behind, leaving a strong lack of inadequate insight within the K-12 organization’s business process. Eliminate these barriers to technology with SAP Concur.

Currently, most educational systems use a manual process when it comes to managing employee expense, travel, and invoices. This process is slow, cumbersome, and prone to human error, leaving many school systems at a huge financial risk due to lack of compliance guidelines, especially during our current situation.

SAP Concur is the solution to the challenges to the organizations processes and management of employee-initiated spending. Gain complete oversight and transparency of the organizations business process, while improving the employee experience and keeping them in compliance with policies.

Concur for K-12 Spend Management

Cloud based software, SaaS solutions, like SAP Concur, are designed to elevate K-12 organizations, while being secure, affordable, and quick to deploy. Here are some of the primary areas catered to directly by SAP Concur:

Travel: Provides a site for district employees to book and manage all travel and spend, tailored to your travel policies and preferred vendors.

Expense: Lets employees use their mobile devices to capture and attach receipt images to expense line items. Managers can review, approve, and reject expense reports from their smartphones. The business office gains pre-built integration between ERP, CRM, HR, and accounting systems for timely and accurate views of the financials.

Invoice: This automates invoice processing, allowing for quick capture of invoices from any format, streamlining of purchase requests, approval automation, and other features.

Concur is an SAP company specializing in helping business and government agencies of all sizes go beyond just automation to a complete spend management solution.

Learn more on how to get on top of employee spending. 

Lack of Automation equals Lack of Control

K-12 organizations need a level of clear oversight, while also providing a transparent process for their employee-initiated spending. This can only be achieved through automation. Here are some of the significant benefits organizations achieve through having an automated SaaS solution, like SAP Concur:

  • Automate complex process: the approval workflow process for a purchase is handled online with automated stages. Set to your guidelines, manage transactions, spending and invoice capture and reporting in real-time, limiting risk of compliance.
  • Mobility: applications that only run on desktops are out-of-date, employees increasingly prefer technology that’s portable, intuitive easy to use and available 24/7, giving the advantage of handling tasks such as receipt capture, filing of expenses as soon as they’re made, and handling approval decisions the moment the request arrives.
  • Workforce improvements: reduce worker frustration and lengthy reimbursement times.
  • Smart data integration brings together all relevant and critical spend management data into one single platform for finance professionals to have complete oversight, in real-time, where, and how the spending is happening.
  • Cloud advantage: experience continuous innovation and positive user experience.

More on SAP Concur

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If you would like to explore SAP Concur for Public Sector, then contact us to discuss your needs.

At Seidor we sell, install, implement, train, and support our customers for SAP Concur from our offices in Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Miami, and California.

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