Commercial Cleaning Client Report

Capture Commercial Cleaning Job Cost Details by Client Facility

Do you know the profitability of every cleaning client job?  Quickly run a commercial cleaning client report within the ManageClean software to see all revenue and costs by client for the period, providing a report on profitability for each facility. 

Commercial Cleaning Client Report

What is ManageClean Software and What Does It Do?

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a business management software for small/midsize Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services and Building Service companies.  This software solution leverages the power of SAP® Business One in the cloud.  SAP Business One is a single, integrated software solution that delivers what you need to manage your key business areas including accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting and more.

The ManageClean system on SAP Business One improves cleaning contract management, streamlines subcontractor invoicing procedures, and provides visibility into your profitability.  Integrate ManageClean to workorder solutions or cleaning supplies vendors to maximize automation.  

See the Details of the Commercial Cleaning Client Report in ManageClean

With the ManageClean software solution you can easily report by commercial cleaning customer or facility the total revenue and cost for whatever period of time you’d like explore, monthly, quarterly or annually.

The image below depicts an example cleaning client job cost summary report generated in ManageClean.  It contains:

  1. The selected reporting period, from date to date.
  2. Project number unique to the customer and facility.
  3. Customer number: Which matches the project number where appropriate.
  4. The end customer, in this example Hanson Enterprises.
  5. Revenue: This is showing all the billings to the customer that have taken place, the date performed, descriptions and cost. The item code shows the internal resource or subcontractor that performed the work.
  6. Cost:  This is showing all the outgoing expense items incurred on this customer’s behalf.  It shows the payment made to the subcontractor, MJS for cleaning work.  We can also see supplies billings for cleaning supplies from SCS used during the period.
  7. A line at the bottom allows you to easily see the totals on revenue, cost, profit, and profit margin by commercial cleaning client.
Commercial Cleaning Client Report

The commercial cleaning client report in ManageClean shows the important details of all of the invoices for the selected customer or project to give you clear indication of what you’ve billed the customer for. 

Essentially, ManageClean helps to streamline the administrative process of accurately capturing all of the correct billing information, recurring invoicing, changes in service, and chargebacks, for customers and third party vendors right away as they occur.  The end result, as you can see is a complete profitability report by customer cleaning client.

Do you want to know more about ManageClean?

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