Affordable Accounting Software for Commercial Cleaning Businesses

ManageClean on SAP Business One is affordable accounting software for commercial cleaning businesses.  In addition to accounting functionality, ManageClean can manage recurring invoices for regular services as well as special services, and manages supplies purchasing and invoicing in either prepaid or chargeback scenarios.

Accounting Software Functionality in ManageClean on SAP Business One

At the core, SAP Business One is an accounting and financial software.  Standard accounting functionality in SAP Business One allows you to:

  • Manage general ledgers, journals, budgets, and accounts payables and receivables
  • Automate real-time accounting postings when relevant business events occur
  • Manage banking, payments, and reconciliation, such as checks, cash, and credit cards
  • Create financial reports, such as profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheets, and aging reports
  • Support automated tax calculation and reporting, including sales, use, and value-added tax

ManageClean goes beyond the standard accounting functionality in order to incorporate best practices for commercial cleaning businesses and streamline the financial process: 

Generate Recurring Invoices for Commercial Cleaning Clients

By using recurring invoices for regular cleaning work to clients, you’ll save time, save effort and improve cash flow.  Recurring invoicing in ManageClean allows you to set up periodic invoices for regularly delivered services to a schedule.  Rather than having to create a new invoice every week, month or quarter depending on the billing cycle, you set it up once then automatically generate them.   

Create Invoices for Special Services

In addition to regularly scheduled cleaning, you may be performing special services work such as carpet cleaning or appliance cleaning for your customers.  In ManageClean, sales orders can be created to incorporate any changes in total area cleaned or document special services to facilitate invoicing.  If you use a separate workorder system for changes or special services, we can bring workorder data into ManageClean to help eliminate double data entry.

Automating the Purchasing and Billing of Cleaning Supplies

As cleaning supply purchases are made through an online shopping portal, your supplies vendor compiles a report of the date of purchase, the supplies, and the end customer for the supplies.  ManageClean has had success getting these reports in a flat file format that allows us to import the data rather than manual data entry.

ManageClean checks the customer contract to validate whether the customer is under a prepaid or chargeback scenario for supplies.  If chargeback, ManageClean prepares a sales order and invoice to bill those supplies directly as used to the customer.  If prepaid, ManageClean knows that the cost of supplies was built into the price paid for services, and no additional customer billing is needed.  In either case, ManageClean prepares a purchase order for the supplies so your supplies vendor can be paid.

Managing Sales Tax for Customers in Multiple States

When your cleaning customers are in multiple states, ManageClean on SAP Business One software can help you manage sales taxes.  Within the business partner master record, you keep track of multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses for each customer.  In the US, it is important to assign the appropriate tax code to the customer’s ship to address, since the tax rate is determined by the selected location. 

Alternatively, you can also set up tax codes determination to create rules for sales and purchasing documents that will automatically determine which tax code to use based on different criteria such as business partner group, ship to state, warehouse and user defined fields.


ManageClean can streamline the administrative process of managing invoicing and expenses by capturing the information correctly at the start. When you capture the recurring contract terms, capture the changes, and capture the supplies to be charged back then all it takes is a few clicks to create billings to customers and payments to vendors.

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