Achieve Compliant and Efficient Expense Management

Eliminate the manual process of expense management and streamline your end of the month process.

Many organization that use paper-based, manual processing to manage expenses find the end of the month a stressful, inefficient, and tedious cycle. Discover how in a critical time, SAP Concur automate solution, can deliver value and streamline the expense management process.

Manual processes slow organizations down, which cost money and time, leaving entities at risk for compliance.

Main challenges to having an efficient month-end:

  • Getting hold of the paperwork: You ask for expenses to reach you by a certain date each month, but the reality is you spend a lot of time following up.
  • Data entry: It’s time-consuming and tedious to enter figures and code costs, but it’s an activity that can’t be rushed because when you do, mistakes creep in and accuracy is compromised.
  • The quality of the data you have available: Because you’re working with figures in arrears, you don’t really have a clear picture of the current finances of the organization. This is happening frequently when the large expense claims or invoices land on your desk and throws all your cash flow forecasting out.

Automation from SAP Concur is the solution

There is only one solution to the challenges: automation. SAP Concur provides organizations with efficient, automated technology to transform the expense, travel, and invoice management process. Add value to your organization by having the opportunity to plan cash flow accurately, eliminate the manual paper-based process, and gain confidence in organization’s compliance. Here is how automation works:

  • Effortless gathering of paperwork: With SAP Concur Expense, claims can be captured and recorded from anywhere. Simply take a photograph of receipts and it will be converted into a claim, capturing every detail and your policies are applied automatically, so your end-users known spend is compliant.
  • Capture data and code cost automatically: Data entry is a task of the past. SAP Concur allows for data to flow seamlessly into the finance system, so everything is in one place, eliminating the risk of manual error. Save time and build reports with confidence.
  • Complete Visibility: You can see spend automatically with SAP Concur, giving you the ability to make business decisions proactively. You can see at a glance where claims are in the approval process so you can follow up quickly. Your data is digitized and connected, so you can interrogate and analyze information much more easily and your reporting capabilities are super-charged. You also have an end-to-end audit trail should you ever need it.


With SAP Concur Expense, organizations have the ability to accurately capture and analyze data, transforming the outdated business process.

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