Ways to Integrate eCommerce into SAP Business One

eCommerce is the ability to conduct on-line shopping from a B2B or B2C website.  With the popularity of online shopping, most businesses are offering it to customers.  Ecommerce integration will merge customer’s online transactions with your back-office business software.


Why consider integrating your eCommerce and back office software?

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline order fulfillment.  When your back office staff has to rekey eCommerce orders in order to fulfill them, errors happen!  Integrate to reduce the effort and errors involved in manual entry.

Keep up with the growth of online orders.   If your online orders are exceeding your back office staff’s ability to enter them, integrating eCommerce orders will automate the process to speed up transaction processing.

Better management of inventory.  When there is significant lag time between when a customer places an order online, and when that order is fulfilled the inventory you thought you had is no longer available, leading to upset customers.


Options for integrating eCommerce and SAP Business One

When online shopping is offered by a company using SAP Business One for their business management software, there are options in the different ways to integrate eCommerce into SAP Business One.

Option 1 – One-way integration of eCommerce into SAP Business One

A one-way integration of eCommerce means that online orders are pushed into SAP Business One for order processing without someone having to manually enter them.  If your current website or marketplace is able to produce a file of orders on a regular basis, this file can be intercepted by an integration tool in order to capture order details and push them into SAP Business One as deliveries.

This can be accomplished with a number of toolsets available by experts in eCommerce integration and proven to work hand-in-hand with SAP Business One.  Typically, a one-way integration is less expensive than a two-way integration.

Option 2 – Two-way integration of eCommerce into SAP Business One

A two-way integration of eCommerce means that online orders are pushed into SAP Business One for order processing, similar to one way.  But two-way integration can also include the ability to push inventory details and quantities from SAP Business One into your eCommerce site to maintain up to date product information.  It could include the ability to push outbound shipping details and tracking numbers from SAP into the eCommerce website so customers can track packages.

Two-way integration can also be accomplished with a number of toolsets available to Seidor.  The advantage to a two-way integration is that businesses no longer need to maintain a separate file of items, prices, and customers within SAP and the website.  When SAP is the “master” for this data, staff only has to maintain the data in one place, saving time and reducing errors.

Didn’t think you could integrate your eCommerce to your back office SAP Business One?  Not only can you do it, there are options to help you accomplish your goals according to your requirements and budget.  Contact Seidor to discuss your software solution requirements.

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