User Authorizations by Group in SAP Business One

Control User Authorization Levels by Group or Department

Save time in managing user authorizations in SAP Business One – instead of going user by user, there is the ability to assign users to a group, then apply those settings to multiple users at the same time.


About Authorizations In SAP Business One

SAP Business One provides fine-grained control of which features of the software are available to each user.  When it comes to creating documents, viewing data, or accessing features – authorizations can control user access.


Authorization Groups Saves Time

In version 9.2 the concept of permission groups allowed administrators to manage the authorizations of users on a group level. 

In version 9.3 there is further ability to manage authorizations.  Administrators can access this feature under Setup > General.  There are 4 group types:  Authorization, Form Settings, UI Configuration Templates, and Cross All Types.  The Copy Form Settings function now has a Groups tab; all users in the chosen group inherit the form settings.

This allows administrators to quickly apply form setting defaults and/or templates to a group of users.

The process of setting up authorizations is like providing a set of keys to users for running SAP Business One.  Make sure your users have the authority they need, and can’t access what they don’t need.

Authorization window in SAP Business One

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