Standard Reports In SAP Business One v9.1


SAP Business One provides a series of predefined, built-in reports for each functional area of the software. You can focus the report on specific areas of the business and customize the output. You can print, e-mail, or export any report to Microsoft Excel right from the system.

Standard reports in SAP Business One are accessed either within the modules, or from the Reports Module on the main menu. 

From the Reports Module, reports are organized into folders for the appropriate associated module.


Financial reports 

Financial reports are organized into folders for accounting, financial, comparison and budget reports.  The available standard reports in the Financial module in SAP Business One are:


  • G/L Accounts and Business Partners
  • General Ledger
  • Aging reports
  • Transaction Journal Report
  • Transaction Report by Projects
  • Locate Journal Transaction by Amount Range
  • Locate Journal Transaction by FC Amount Range
  • Transactions Received from Voucher Report
  • Document Journal
  • 1099/1096 Report
  • Tax Reports
  • Customer Open Document List


  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Cash Flow Reference Report


  • Balance Sheet Comparison
  • Trial Balance Comparison
  • Profit and Loss Statement Comparison

Budget reports

  • Budget Report
  • Balance Sheet Budget Report
  • Trial Balance Budget Report
  • Profit and Loss Statement Budget Report


The standard reports in the Opportunities module in SAP Business One are:

  • Opportunities Forecast Report
  • Opportunities Forecast Over Time Report
  • Opportunities Statistics Report
  • Opportunities Report
  • Stage Analysis
  • Information Source Distribution Over Time          Report
  • Won Opportunities Report
  • Lost Opportunities Report
  • My Open Opportunities Report
  • My Closed Opportunities Report
  • Opportunities Pipeline

Sales and Purchasing

The standard reports in the Sales and Purchasing modules in SAP Business One are:

  • Open Items List
  • Document Drafts Report
  • Backorder
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Purchase Request Report
  • Purchase Quotation Comparison Report
  • Blanket Agreement Fulfillment Report
  • Locate Exceptional Discount in Invoice
  • SP Commission by Invoices in Posting Date              Cross-Section
  • Sales Order Without Deposit
  • Sales Order Linked to Deposit
  • Purchase Order Without Deposit
  • Purchase Order Linked to Deposit
  • Monthly Customer Status Report
  • Annual Sales Analysis (by Quarter)

Business Partners

Business partners can be leads, customers or vendors.  The standard reports in the Business Partner module in SAP Business One are:

  • My Activities
  • My Activities Overview
  • Inactive Customers
  • Dunning History Report
  • Campaigns List
  • Customer Receivables by Customer Cross-Section
  • Customers Credit Limit Deviation
  • Aging reports
  • Internal Reconciliation reports


The standard reports in the Banking module in SAP Business One are:

  • Check Register Report
  • Payment Drafts Report
  • Checks for Payment in Date Cross Section Report
  • BP Bank Accounts Query
  • House Bank Accounts Query
  • External Reconciliation reports
  • Payment Orders Report by Business Partner
  • Payment Orders Report by Payment Run


The standard reports in the Inventory module in SAP Business One are:

  • Items List
  • Last Prices Report
  • Inactive Items
  • Inventory Posting List
  • Inventory Status
  • Inventory in Warehouse Report
  • Inventory Audit Report
  • Batches and Serials Inventory Audit Report
  • Inventory Valuation Simulation Report
  • Serial Number Transactions Report
  • Batch Number Transactions Report
  • Price Report
  • Discount Group Report
  • Inventory Counting Transactions Report
  • Inventory Valuation Method Report
  • Inventory Turnover Analysis


The standard reports in the Production module in SAP Business One are:

  • Bill of Materials Report
  • Open Items List

MRP (Material Resource Planning)

The standard report in the MRP module in SAP Business One is:

  • Order Recommendation


The standard reports in the Service module in SAP Business One are:

  • Service Calls
  • Service Calls by Queue
  • Response Time by Assigned To
  • Average Closure Time
  • Service Contracts
  • Customer Equipment Card Report
  • Service Monitor
  • My Service Calls
  • My Open Service Calls
  • My Overdue Service Calls

Human Resources 

The standard reports in the HR module in SAP Business One are:

  • Employee List
  • Absence Report
  • Phone Book

Other SAP Business One Reporting Options

Drag & Relate Reporting

Drag & Relate is a unique SAP technology and included with SAP Business One. It allows quick, train-of-thought reporting throughout the solution.  With the Drag & Relate feature, you can simply drag fields and drop them onto major business transactions and master data headings. The software then produces a report — a list of all sales quotes, for example, or invoices, that are related to the contents of the field.

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports is a completely integrated reporting tool that gives you additional flexibility and robust capabilities for easy creation of report and document layouts. As an SAP Business One customer with a current maintenance agreement, you are entitled to receive one free designer license for the Crystal Reports designer tool, allowing you to create new reports and layouts and modify existing ones.

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