SAP Business One Functionality and Options

What Modules Are Included In SAP Business One?


Gain greater control over your company with SAP Business One, a business management software designed to grow with you. Trusted by over 70,000 companies in 170+ countries, this solution puts business basics into a single software.

Companies running low-end accounting systems and niche business software find that as their business grows, they struggle with slow, outdated, unresponsive systems.  Patchwork, point solutions and spreadsheets become more up-to-date than your business systems - and pretty soon you're entering all your business data into multiple places to keep up.


SAP® Business One is a completely integrated business management solution that supports all of the key business processes and workflows of small and midsize businesses. It goes far beyond the typical stand-alone, disconnected silos of departmental automation to deliver a true, cross-functional system. It is simultaneously connected, concurrently networked, and continuously aware of all interrelated enterprise business processes.

SAP Business One features user-programmable alerts, workflows, and unique functions for management by exception to create an end-to-end solution for complete visibility, tracking, management, control, and analytic reporting of all key enterprise drivers.


SAP Business One Functional modules

Key Functions of SAP Business One


Integration: SAP Business One synchronizes communications with seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Drag&Relate™: SAP Business One helps you identify key relationships. Using SAP's patented Drag&Relate feature, you can select a data field with the mouse, then drag that field to virtually any menu item. The resulting instant report displays the relationship of the field to the menu item for on-the-fly, train-of-thought reporting.

Embedded customer relationship management (CRM) functionality: SAP Business One is the only solution built for small and midsize businesses that features built-in CRM. You can manage sales opportunities and conduct sales pipeline analysis, track customer and vendor profiles, maintain contact information, track account balances, and administer contracts, and handle service planning. It also gives you easy views into future sales, as well as past performance.

Workflow-based alerts and key performance indicators (KPIs): With SAP Business One, you can manage by exception — monitoring, notifying, and taking action when specific events occur. An embedded workflow management tool allows you to designate the activities you want to track and to take immediate corrective action when necessary.

Adaptability: You can add or upgrade fields, change forms, and personalize queries and reports -- without programming, as the needs of your business change.

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