SAP Systems Administration Managed Services

Starting with the definition of the technological environment of the service, consisting of all the components to be managed, the set of managed services to include from the available catalogue is determined together with their corresponding hours of service.

Among these services, those particularly worthy of mention are:

  • Continuous monitoring service: The implementation of technical monitoring scenarios allows for continuous monitoring of the SAP production environments
  • SAP systems administration service Management of the administration tasks of the SAP systems included in the technological environment
  • Corrective service for SAP administration: Resolution of technical incidents of the SAP systems included in the technological environment, with a particular focus on the productive environments
  • Preventative service for SAP administration: Its purpose is to proactively perform tasks that are capable of detecting and/or reducing the possibility of the occurrence of problems
  • On demand service: Its purpose is the management of the technical requests for changes (RFC) relating to the technological environment.
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