Applications Maintenance Managed Services

Catalogue of services

In general terms, the catalogue of services for the AM Area is the following:

Operational Management

Group of tasks focused on providing a response to the daily operations associated to the provision of the service. This is divided into:

Continuous operational management: This corresponds to recurrent activities that are executed in order to guarantee the availability, continuity and correct functioning of the applications, as well as all the applications and systems which are developed during the term of the contract and handed over to maintenance. Included within continuous operational management are: 

  • Applications Support
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Perfective Maintenance
  • Incorporation of new applications into AM.

On demand operational management

  • Expert Support/Innovation of Solutions
  • Projects.

Service Management

Planning and economic control, monitoring reports, service indicators and levels. Controls the risks and ensures the necessary resources to guarantee the maintenance and evolution of the information systems.

Quality Management

Establishes control mechanisms to monitor the quality indicators and the compliance with the procedures and the methodology of the operational management, as well as improvement plans.


The models followed by the Seidor Managed Services provide flexibility to the resources assigned to our projects.

A group of consultants will be designated from among the resources at our Managed Services Centres to carry out the services normally performed remotely. In the cases in which it is considered necessary, the consultants will visit the clients facilities (for example, during the transition).

The professionals assigned to the MSC implicitly provide the flexibility in the management of incidents and resources due to:

  • The existence of several profiles in each area that have extensive experience and are highly specialized
  • Transfer of knowledge within the MSC
  • Continuous training in the MSC
  • The synergy of the resources allocated to the MSC allow for quick solutions as a result of the contact with the pool of highly experienced consultants.

The replacement of consultants, whether in-situ or remote, shall be at the expense of Seidor.

The flexibility of resources not only allows for the agile and safe replacement of a profile, it also allows holidays, on-call periods and, most importantly, emergencies in day-to-day activities to be covered.

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