Managed services

The requirements of availability, accessibility and security for the systems need a service that guarantees its functioning at all times, with operating hours compatible with organizational and functional needs, and which is flexible so that it can be adapted to the needs of the customer.


The correct maintenance of the applications and systems not only permits the minimization of drops in the service, but also plays a key role so that the solutions can evolve in a quick and efficient manner in order to respond to the new challenges that the business will face.

The specialization, the measurement and control techniques, and the high effectiveness required for the management of technological assets is not always within reach of the small- or medium-sized enterprise. Therefore, the managed services cover this need in an effective manner and release the organization from this heavy management load.

Our service model is based on ITIL good practices providing the improvements and information necessary for maximum use and evolution of its applications and information systems.

The certifications such as PCOE (Partner Centre of Expertise) and Run SAP Implementation Partner recognise us as a specialist in Solution Manager, and for services for the support and management of the lifecycle of applications and systems.


The objective of the Seidor Managed Services Center (MSC) is the provision of application maintenance (AM) services and systems administration, demanding excellence in the operational services provided, their management and their quality control.

The provision of the service is founded upon the following pillars:

  • Team: There is an extensive team within the MSC which ensures the availability of the resources at peak times. The MSC ensures the technical training for the execution of the services and has expert technicians in addition to those assigned to the service
  • Methodology: Application of methodology according to ITIL standards and RUN SAP for the whole group of services
  • Management and Quality: The managed services need to provide added value to the client, not only to ensure functional or technical capability, but to establish the monitoring techniques of the service and its quality control, which allow for the compliance with the service agreements
  • Transition: The transition is a critical phase of the service for the subsequent success in the execution. It is with this in mind that Seidor applies a methodology to this phase, the specific management and control of quality
  • Budgetary control and rigour: ensuring that all items are justified, previously valued and approved. 

Our catalogue of Seidor managed services encompasses two areas:


The managed services are provided on a modular basis in such a way that it is possible to contract only those that the client deems necessary to cover its requirements, resulting in an integral and configurable service. With these services, your company has access to expert support for the whole SAP environment. 



  • Guarantee of availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the information managed by the different information systems
  • Availability of indicators and reports for the management of the service provided
  • Optimization of systems and anticipation of changes
  • Elimination of the burden of specialized personnel.


Value proposition

  • Measurement and monitoring of the fulfilment of service agreements
  • Proactiveness in detecting problems, mitigating risks and in proposing improvements
  • Availability of tools, both for the operation of the service, as well as its management
  • Centralized service model that operates as single point of contact, which ensures access to all services and the integration of the personnel involved in a service.
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