Addons for SAP Business ByDesign

Seidor is authorized to develop Add-Ons solutions through the SAP Business ByDesign SDK (Software Development Kit).

By addressing specific market requirements, we have developed vertical solutions and horizontal addons with the aim of optimizing and simplifying the business development of clients who are already using SAP Business ByDesign.

These add-ons are delivered by our outstanding internal team of developers and are a good way to improve and extend the functionality of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Add-on Catalog is updated on a regular basis; however, if you do not find the add-on you need, do not hesitate to contact us.  There is no obligation and a consultant will contact you shortly.

Seidor is a TOP worldwide SAP Partner for Two Tier subsidiaries SAP Business ByDesign implementations, as well as, add-ons and Country localizations developers.  

More value through our add-ons for SAP Business ByDesign

delivered by our outstanding internal team of developers.

Vertical Industry Solutions for SAP Business ByDesign


Seidor MRO@Cloud Certified by SAP

  • Solution for maintenance, repair and operations industry
  • Projects/jobs and services
  • Equipment and resources staffing
  • Subcontracting resources
  • Equipment maintenance and rental
  • Profitability by equipment, job, resource/resource group

Seidor GYM@Cloud

  • Gym entrance controls
  • Over the counter cash control
  • Courses, events, rooms and instructors
  • Locker rentals
  • Monthly charges or per event
  • Individual and family accounts
  • Areas administration

Seidor TRAVEL@Cloud

  • Travel agency solution
  • Integration with Amadeus
  • Opportunities administration
  • Customers files
  • Flights, hotels, services, packages
  • Automatic conversion of sales into purchase orders
  • Administration of tickets sold per airline

Seidor AIRLINE@Cloud

  • Private jets airlines admin
  • Planes and crew admin
  • Profitability by route
  • Profitability by customer
  • Flight report
  • Inventory in jet
  • Consumptions per flight
  • KPIs per plane, flight, route, customer

Horizontal Add-Ons for SAP Business ByDesign


Seidor Mobile WMS@Cloud 

  • Inbound processing
  • Outbound processing
  • Internal movements processing
  • Ad-hoc operations processing
  • Physical inventory
  • Production operations processing

Seidor PCM@Cloud Certified by SAP

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Multi-Level equipment
  • Functional locations
  • Complete integration with standard ByD

Seidor CCR@Cloud

  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Helps to apply CC payments from customers to invoices when CC terminal is external and not connected

Seidor EQM@Cloud

  • Extended quality management
  • Statistics per measurement
  • Quality certificates per customer

Seidor MOA@Cloud

  • Multiple object administration
  • Agenda per object
  • Rental, income, costs per object

Seidor LICENSE@Cloud

  • License check administration
  • Control in sales, invoicing and purchasing
  • For regulated industries


  • Sales commissions
  • Differents rules
  • Based on sales statistics

Seidor OCC@Cloud

  • Over the counter Cashier
  • Different payments methods
  • Cashier reconciliation

Seidor P&D@Cloud

  • Promotions and discounts
  • Automatic generation of additional promotional lines
  • Automatic generation of discounts per total amount/product lines, etc.
  • Discounts and promotions per product category
  • Free product engine (Take 3 and get 1 free)

Seidor LOGOPT@Cloud

  • Optimize load space and increase space utilization
  • Cut freight and fuel costs
  • Prepare optimal loading plan for multi-stops and priority loading


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