How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

Find out how much does SAP Business One cost

To find out how much does SAP Business One cost, you need to understand the factors -- Licenses, maintenance, add-ons, implementation services and deployment all contribute to the cost of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is an affordable solution, containing almost all of the functionality your business needs including accounting, sales, quotes and orders, purchasing, inventory management, bills of material, production orders, service and more.

These are the elements that make up the total SAP Business One Cost:

Number of Software Licenses:  Determine the number of user licenses needed.  Licenses are either Professional or Limited user types.  Professional users have access to all the modules, limited users are specific to finance, sales or logistics.

License Purchase Method:  Determine if you will buy the licenses as a 1 time cost, or if you will use a subscription license that renews annually.  Typically the 1 time license purchase ends up being less expensive after a few years.

Software Maintenance:  SAP is continually updating and improving SAP Business One.  Software maintenance covers your ability to get bug fixes, updates and new releases.  Maintenance is mandatory the first year, and optional for the years following.

Add-Ons:  Over 400 add-on products expand the functionality of SAP Business One, such as credit card processing, shipping integration - the list is long.  These add-ons are priced separately.

Implementation:  Seidor offers implementation services to get your software installed, system configured, data migrated, employees trained and go live support.  Services are priced separately.

Deployment:  Install SAP Business One on a server at your facility, or install the software in the cloud with one of our hosting providers.

For more information on the cost of SAP Business One, read our blog article:


How Much Does SAP Business One Cost
Licenses, maintenance, add-ons, implementation, and deployment all factor into the cost of SAP Business One.

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