Over 400 Add-Ons Expand the Breadth and Depth of SAP Business One

SAP Business One has been designed to meet the basic business functionality of most companies.  Add-on products expand SAP Business One by adding depth or breadth to the base product.  These add-ons are developed by experts in their field, and are then tested to work with the application.  This allows us to bring a comprehensive solution to meet all of your business requirements. 

Typically we address add-on functionality needs during our sales discovery process.  Our account executives can help determine if your business process can be covered by standard functionality or if an add-on is required.  Then we look at all add-ons available, either those produced by others or by Seidor and make a recommendation.

At Seidor, we have currently developed more than 35 add-ons with the aim of optimizing and simplifying the business development of clients who are already using SAP Business One. These add-ons also add savings in investments on customizations.

We are well aware of the most immediate needs, requirements and concerns that small and medium-sized enterprises have. Therefore, an Add-on Catalog has been designed listing a large number of SAP Business One implementations in numerous sectors. They have been gathered in the qualified vertical solutions that encompass standard business processes of a specific business sector.

The Add-on Catalog is updated on a regular basis; however, if you do not find the add-on you need, do not hesitate to contact us.  There is no obligation and a consultant will contact you shortly.

Horizontal add-ons for SAP Business One

Data Icon

Shared Master Data

  • Enables you to replicate, automatically or under user validation, master data entered into an enterprise to other enterprises within the same company.
  • Intended for companies with multiple enterprises that need to share  master data (customers, suppliers, items, etc.)
  • Based on this solution we have also developed an intercompany application that allows you to replicate transactions between companies in the same group
Reservation Icon

Rentals and Reservations

  • Designed for the company whose business is the rental of products or services.
  • Customers can make reservations on products for certain dates and the add-on calculates the availability, delivery dates and return dates, viewable in calendar format.
  • Billing is calculated based on the time of rental, based on established rates.
Promotion icon

Promotions, rappels, discounts in cascade and item-client bonuses

Promotions and Rappels:

  • Allow you to define promotions and rappels to the customers. The promotions are applied at the level of orders;
  • Both promotions and discounts can be applied through groups of clients and groups of employees in the sales department.

Discounts in Cascade:

  • A process that extends the standard functionality of Business One, allowing you to generate additional discounts to line-level documents for customers and suppliers.
  • Allows you to scale the same functionality in price lists, generate purchase orders from multiple sales orders and treatment of commissions.

Item-client bonuses:

  • Allows you to generate scaled bonuses at the level of item/customer, for a given period.
Manufacturing-icon .jpg



  • This solution allows you to work with and define manufacturing structures at various levels, clearly differentiating between components of raw materials, semi-processed and stages of production.
  • These manufacturing structures as well as the material master data can be loaded automatically from within Excel.
  • The process of generating production and purchase orders is simplified, since it allows generation of these documents from the information for pending orders.
  • Ability to view the manufacturing forecast and purchases with the possibility to navigate the product structure.
  • Available in an independent module, with the possibility of touch screen integration
Word and Excel icon

Word & Excel

  • Utility that allows you to export an offer or request for SAP Business One to a Word or Excel document
  • Uses a preset template that reads client’s settings, items and prices.
  • The final document is appended within the SAP offer or order.
Price protection icon

Price Protection

  • In sectors where prices fluctuate month to month, this utility makes it possible to define the level of suppliers, groups of items, and guaranteed prices for existing stocks.
  • Displays on a screen, the article or articles with stock, the latest purchase price, the current price and the difference.
  • Generates an installment of the supplier for the difference.


POS system icon

POS On-line and Off-line

POS on-line

  • Complete implementation of POS (point-of-sale terminal) developed with SAP SDK, which allows the management of tickets sales, orders, returns and collections with identification management of tonnage with closing and opening of housing vouchers,
  • Allows control and management of additional costs
  • Also allows you to manage the inventory of the store.

POS off-line

  • Ideal solution for sites with unreliable communications. Performs the synchronization of an implementation of POS (point-of-sale terminal)  external to Seidor and SAP Business One with the database of SAP Business One.


Quality control Icon

Quality Control

  • Adds functionality to the master of articles in order to be able to record the parameters of quality management.
  • Enables the recording of data from the reception of purchases or manufacturing, with the addition of additional labels and reports.
Check ins icon

Check-ins with Possibility of Web

  • Management of check-ins or markings of the employees of the company, with terminals or touch screen, by involving data entry, a form of data maintenance.
  • With all of them, check-in, incident and expense reports are generated.


Path Management Icon

Path Management

Solution that allows you to manage routes of transportation for goods with the following features:

  • Allocation to customers and their orders.
  • Ability to prioritize orders to be delivered on the same route.
  • Indicate the quantities of the delivery (multiple units of measure) for the expedition.
  • Generation of the delivery notes according to the order specified
Warehouse icon

Radio Frequency- Warehouse Management

Solution for warehouse management that allows:

  • Management with mobile devices of the PDA type or similar
  • Allows the receiving of entries of purchases
  • Preparation of orders for customers (picking).
  • Monitoring of inventory.
  • Updates of data in real time with SAP Business One.


Treasury icon


  • This module provides a forecast of cash by banks and payment methods from the real situation of portfolios and other marketing documents.
  • Possibility of a treasury budget is a testable reality. Separate entrance concepts tesoreria not reflected by marketing documents.

Vertical add-ons for SAP Business One

Travel Icon web

Travel Agencies

On a commercial level it allows:

  • Information file management
  • trips- flights - hotels
  • car rentals
  • shows
  • restaurants
  • Integration with Galileo
  • Automatic entry reserve
  • Management of incidents

On a financial level it allows

  • Definition of integration rules
  • Liquidations by business line
  • Automatic integration of notes
  • Auto billing
  • Definition of notes by business line and service provided
Car icon

Car Dealers

Complete management for car dealers that encompass commercial areas and sales, post-sale and workshop, and management. The main points of each part are:


  • CRM
  • Operational sales
  • Vehicles management
  • Sales Commissions
  • Own fleet management


  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Guarantees
  • Subcontracting
  • Rates and agendas
  • Parts
Climate icon

Climate and Installers

  • Complete solution for companies that install air conditioning solution
  • Manages the entire process from the pre-sale, the sale and installation to the post-sale service.
  • Allows the allocation of technicians to the various services, use of projects for the management of facilities and a comprehensive monitoring of costs and benefits, sorting by materials, workforce, and transfers.
catering icon


Industry Solution for companies in the catering sector, either for events or for communities (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. ).

  • Event Management
  • Traceability
  • Stock Control / Tagging
  • Control locations / Lounges
  • Budgetary Control
Real Estate Icon

Real Estate Brokers and Developers

  • Complete vertical solution for promoters and developers that facilitates the creation of a budget model and  follow-up model.
  • Manages orders for equipment suppliers and invoices of certifications in virtue of the measurements made by the surveyors.
  • It also manages the hours of employees involved in the work. From here you can automatically generate a standard entry of payroll, with withholding and social security
  • It also offers the possibility to develop a planning for the execution of works for each of the items that compose it.
Research icon

Research Centers

Solution designed to respond to the needs of Research Centers and to the proactive control of the same. It allows you to take a comprehensive management of the research projects, covering the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive definition of the master data of the projects
  • Budgetary control of the project
  • Allocation of researchers to each project
  • Management of supplies through the definition of workflows for the approval of purchases
Renting icon


Complete solution for companies that market financing solutions

  • Upon formalizing a contract, on the basis of interest rate, book contributions, periodicity, residual value, etc., it calculates the monthly fee of a customerorder. To modify the prices, it will recalculate the dues and the financial margin obtained.
  • On the basis of contracts, a process of issuance of dues with all the entries in the diary: management of credit lines by contract and financial entities, summary table by operation.
Rental Icon

Solution Franchises

  • Complete Solution for franchises including the point of sale, inventory management, purchases to the central and financial management.
  • It allows the synchronization of daily operations, as well as the exchange of catalogs and tariffs.

From Central (franchisor), there is a monitoring of all franchisees, with a control panel that includes rapports and statistics, as well as the purchasing management and replenishment to the shops.

biotechnology icon


Solution designed to respond to the needs of Biotechnology Companies:

  • Management of patients and clinical studies
  • Allocation of doctors, CRAs and researchers to each project
  • Hospitals and other partners
  • Economic and budgetary control of the projects. Billing and returns
  • Powerful CRM for commercial tracking
  • Purchase control and drug inventory


Pharmaceutical icon

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of the company, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector:

  • Business management (bonuses, picking and all other orders, etc.)
  • Quality Control (control of inputs of raw materials and analytical for acceptance or rejection, etc.)
  • Planning and production (sales forecasts, management of expirations, allocation of workers on OF's, etc.)
  • Logistics (location information, new grouping of articles, etc.)
Large consumption icon

Large Consumption Distribution

Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of companies selling to big retailers, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector:

  • Business management (templates of prices, bonuses, promotions, rappels, etc.)
  • Management of tagging in bar code and integration with intelligent storage systems.
  • Integration of customer orders via EDI, as well as other commercial documents (list of purchased goods or services, invoices).
  • Advanced logistics (control of locations, picking, traceability, expirations, etc. )
Day hospital icon

Day Hospital

Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of this type of companies, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector:

  • Management of clients and patients
  • Management of stays, diets and services (physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.). Planning processes and billing
  • Management of activities: admissions, visits, hospitalizations and discharges,
  • Management of spaces (rooms, consultations, etc. ) and availability calendar.
  • Team, resources and personnel management: doctors, nurses, therapists, assistants, etc.


Security and surveillance icon

Security and Surveillance

Solution designed to manage the projects of the companies that provide security and safety services covering the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive definition of the master data of the projects (customer, address, contact person, etc.)
  • Economic control of the project (offered, income and expenses)
  • Allocation of resources and tasks to each project
  • Theoretical and real control of the hours assigned to each vigilant
  • Control of the availability of each vigilant
Meat icon


Industry Solution for companies in the meat and sausage industry, offering a complete solution for the entire business cycle:

  • Management of feed
  • Breeding and fattening
  • Fresh trays and sale of channels
  • Processed food factory (sausages, cured, yorks, cold meats and value-added products)
  • Ham curing


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