SAP Business All in One


SAP Business All-in-One provides the fast information access, flexibility and adaptability midsize companies need to solve their unique business problems while continuing to grow. 

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SAP Business All-in-One solutions are based on SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Best Practices. These solutions provide users with maximum productivity and ease-of-use, implementing the Best-In-Class ERP platform in the world, using the concept of 'Starting simple but think big'.

This on-premise solution is further developed by us here at Seidor, a SAP channel partner, into prepackaged qualified partner solutions which meet the specific microvertical requirements of our mutual end-customers.

Upgrading & the Tools You Need
If you're not currently running on ERP 6.0 now is the time to upgrade. This solution offers 300+ enhancements over the previous R/3 software.

SAP ERP Enhancement Packages
Enhancement packages will be available as extensions to SAP ERP 6.0-eliminating the need for customers to continually upgrade their systems to take advantage of the latest features and functions.

Functionality and Components
Core ERP functionality is just the beginning - SAP continues to add capabilities to this solution, such as CRM and Business Intelligence. It's also important to understand the value of core components such as SAP Best Practices and SAP's own database solution. Please find following a general overview of the functionalities included in SAP ERP.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
This functionality enables midsize companies to manage their customer relationships with their SAP Business All-in-One solution.

Business Intelligence (BI)
This preconfigured ERP + BI integration combined with best practices provides a comprehensive solution to improve end-to-end sales, financial and operational processes.

SAP Best Practices
SAP Best Practices Packages are the content platform of the SAP Business All-in-One Solution. Available for numerous industries and countries, they provide methodologies and processes that are proven to get our customers up and running quickly.

SAP's own database was built specifically to work with our applications - solid, affordable and low maintenance.

Target Customer


SAP Business All-in-One is most appropriate for midsize companies with global operations, multiple locations and/or multiple divisions. Other common characteristics of midsize companies include: 

•    High transaction volume with demanding financial reporting requirements.
•    Sophisticated business process requirements with deep industry functionality. 
•    The need for a flexible, highly configurable solution that is extensible to meet changing needs. 
•    Dedicated IT staff and a preference for on-premise business solutions 


  • Enhanced business agility
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved financial management and reporting
  • Increased visibility into operations
  • Unlocked business potential