SAP Anywhere simplifies your business by smoothly integrating sales, marketing, e-commerce, and inventory activities into one complete front-office system.

 It’s easy for you and your employees to use, and it offers your customers an attractive and intuitive interface for engaging with you. It’s designed and built for mobile use, so it works on any device.

The SAP® Anywhere solution is a complete front-office solution that helps you manage marketing, sales, e-commerce, and inventory while offering a seamless customer experience. Designed to be mobile, SAP Anywhere enables users to carry out their activities on any device, anywhere, at any time – in the cloud. And your customers can shop or interact with your company any way they prefer.

SAP Anywhere can help your small business gain crucial peace of mind in a volatile economy – and it is a solution you can afford without sacrificing the agility you depend on. No need to spend more money on IT – SAP Anywhere has you covered. No implementation worries – SAP Anywhere is a service hosted by SAP in the cloud, so you have zero hardware costs or concerns. You’ll be running smoothly – hands off – within a week. 

SAP Anywhere puts the following capabilities into one complete solution: 


  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • On-line Store
  • Mobile POS
  • Sales
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Extensibility
  • After-Sales Service. 
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