In a medium-sized company, the management of suppliers is basic in the functioning and profitability of the company. The suppliers portal can be integrated into the SAP ERP purchasing processes through a solution that allows the client to maintain a closer collaboration with its suppliers and receive information directly from them.

The Supplier Portal offered by Seidor allows you to include lists and forms to improve the purchasing processes, the flows of communication and supplies, thereby obtaining a competitive advantage. In addition, the system we propose facilitates and streamlines decision-making, automates processes and increases the effectiveness of the purchases.



The Supplier Portal is a packaged solution and is based on the best experiences in the development of web applications for the SAP ERP purchasing module. It uses NetWeaver technology which is compatible with other SAP components, and includes complete lists and forms to facilitate the purchasing process, as well as allow the publication of documents of interest.


  • Reduction in the purchasing cycle
  • Easy to use with a cutting edge web interface
  • Allows the supplier to confirm orders, consult them and check invoices
  • Guarantees transparency of the activities
  • Improves decision-making thanks to the exchange of information with the supplier. 

Value Proposition


Obtain a competitive advantage and a quick ROI through the Supplier Portal.

  • Comes with the support and experience of an experienced and qualified partner
  • We guarantee a rapid and profitable deployment
  • Improve the collaboration with your suppliers. 
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