The success of a company does not rest solely on the sales to its customers. The purchases you make from your suppliers must always be correct and at the right price, thereby increasing savings in costs. It is with this in mind that we at Seidor want to reinforce the knowledge and relationships with your suppliers by providing tools such as SAP SRM to improve the purchasing processes and provide a strategic value as a result of the automation of the order processes and the control of the supply cycle.

Through the use of SAP SRM you will optimize the selection process of suppliers -electronic bids and web-based auctions-, reduce the duration of the order cycle and establish sustainable relationships with your partners and suppliers, thereby fortifying the ties with them. It will even allow you to permit them, whether they are small- or medium-sized enterprises, to connect their systems to those of your company and by using collaborative web-based services, process orders, generate invoices and update catalogues.



The complete SAP SRM solution creates an ecosystem of collaboration and efficiency to improve the purchasing processes. This tool will improve the visibility of your different business lines to eliminate redundant costs and streamline the processes. The electronic bidding and auction techniques will allow you to combine the capabilities of each supplier with the specific requirements of the demand. It will also streamline the management and negotiation of contracts, and you will be able to monitor the total cost throughout the whole purchasing cycle.


  • Reduction of costs
  • Amortize investments
  • Supplier collaboration over the internet
  • Implementation of a single centralised solution
  • Development of a supplier strategy. 

Value proposition

The solutions forming part of this suite allow us to:

  • Improve the visibility of the cost and immediately identify opportunities for making savings
  • Reduce decision and execution times
  • Increase transparency in relation to the processes to improve the purchase price. 


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