Globalization has brought about a huge diversification of supplier companies. Within this setting, risk management plays a determining role and the relationship with suppliers becomes one of the pillars of corporate growth. It is imperative to have a well organised database of both current and potential suppliers to be able to decide on the correct mix of suppliers in a constant manner. At Seidor we can provide you with the tools to successfully overcome the challenges in this area: reduce costs and maintain an optimum relationship with your suppliers.

By using SAP SLM it is possible to manage the lifecycle of suppliers, as well as the certificates of the suppliers and their approval, depending on the categories of services or materials with which they work. It also permits the evaluation of suppliers through surveys which generate a score on the service supplied, which makes it possible to have immediate control over the quality of the service and material supplied. In this manner, the purchasing department will be able to more suitably manage its acquisitions to prevent incidents in the flow of supply.



SAP SLM is a system that can be deployed on both SAP ERP or SAP SRM, or configured as an independent system. It permits the consultation of all information about the suppliers on the central master file, from which it is possible to view general data, approvals, evaluations, scores, sustainability data, documentation and certificates.


  • Creation of a database of potential suppliers
  • Facilitates pre-approval processes for suppliers
  • Management of supplier certificates and approval processes
  • Open a new channel for supplier self-registration
  • Better understand your suppliers with internal evaluation processes

Value Proposition

  • Score the services supplied and use as a guide
  • Use web-based forms and email notifications to collaborate with suppliers
  • Define different approval policies in each category of services or materials.


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