Sourcing and Procurement Management

Suppliers are a vital piece in any business. 

Good management of purchases and supplies saves the company a lot of money and allows it to choose the best partners.

Seidor offers companies a series of tools that will increase the efficiency of employees and with which you can adequately manage invoices, analyze the expenses throughout the whole chain and moreover, collaborate with your suppliers to improve the transactions and offer a better service to the end customers.

Streamline relationships with your suppliers, automate all purchasing and supplies procedures and obtain greater profitability. Because the flexibility and optimization we provide you with our tools (SRM, SLC, supplier portals, Invoice Capture and VIM) will allow you to implement a supplier strategy and decide which one is the most suitable at any given time.



The set of solutions offered by Seidor to manage the relationships with your suppliers and purchasing channels facilitate the compliance with contracts and service agreements, encourage collaboration with suppliers over the internet through the use of a dedicated portal and make the automated integration of incoming and outgoing invoices possible.

From the placing of the order to the payment of the goods and services, make your suppliers your best strategic partners.


  • Reduction of costs
  • Amortize investments in solutions for supply chain management (SCM), product life-cycle management (PLM) and ERP
  • It allows small- and medium-sized suppliers to use hosting services to process orders, generate invoices and update catalogues using just one web browser
  • Improve the efficiency of processes
  • Facilitates the implementation of multiple decentralized installations with shared analyses and content management for a centralized control of the relationships with managers

Value Proposition

  • Convert your purchases into a flexible and efficient process
  • Negotiate your orders better, discounts for early payment and compliance with deadlines
  • Work with the supplier to satisfy market demand earlier
  • Verify and streamline the invoicing process in all involved departments
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