Sales Agreements (Vistex Incentives & Paybacks)

At times, the relationship with customers involves a great deal of complexity at a management level: templates and sales agreements, volume discounts and off invoices, management of positions, etc. In response to this management load, Seidor can provide you with state-of-the-art technological tools so that the interactions with customers are simple and clear.

The Vistex IP solution, an extension of SAP ERP which uses the same technology, is integrated with the same SAP modules and comes with all Vistex guarantees, a leading company in the development of solutions for the distribution, retail and consumer products sector, etc. You will be able to easily exchange information with other areas of the company such as finance, purchases, sales and PA. All you sales information connected and ready to use.


Vistex IP efficiently automates and manages complex sales processes, sales incentives and sales conditions. From the order to payment, it covers all the functionalities not included in the standard SAP modules, such as the administration of sales templates, promotions, volume discounts and off invoices, prepayments, customer charges, as well as the management of royalties. 

With this solution, control of the data, agreements and contracts is complete and results in a significant saving in administrative effort and a reduction in errors, which allows for an almost immediate return on the investment.


  • It reinforces the capabilities of SAP in the management of cash flow and profit margins
  • It is integrated in a native manner with SAP ERP and makes use of all SAP functionality and technology
  • It creates a common platform for business and IT which connects sales and distribution, finance, profitability analyses, purchasing and business intelligence. 


  • Consumer products
  • High technology
  • Retail and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machinery and components
  • Chemical

Seidor can provide you with the Vistex IP tool, supported by our significant presence in different regional markets around the world and our position as leader in the implementation of SAP systems. 

As this is a product marketed and licensed by SAP, it comes with all the support of the manufacturer through SAP Service Marketplace.

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