Despite the growth of mobile and e-commerce, physical points of sale continue to be a central part to many sales strategies. It is for this reason that we, Seidor, think that it is essential to provide our clients with the necessary technological tools to capture their buyers in the store and reach a fundamental goal: loyalty. We know that many retailers need POS applications (Point of Sale Terminal) capable of working both on and off line in an agile manner so that the flow of sales and payment mostly operate independently from the central connection, preventing unnecessary delays.

To provide the retailer with multiple technological possibilities, we can provide tools that permit access to a central database from the cashier tills without losing the capability to work offline in the event the connection is lost. By using SAP Retail the POS will be informed of the changes made to the items, prices and promotions, as well as open the door to one of the trends that is arriving in the area of customer loyalty, personalized online promotions. As soon as a customer is identified at the till, the system can automatically propose a specific promotion, generate according to their consumer habits.

Description and benefits

The interface offers key functionalities such as automatically informing the POS when relevant modifications occur on SAP Retail which affect the articles, prices and promotions, as well as process all the information originating from the POS application using the maximum performance of the system.

Some benefits:

  • Standard process for store orders, ticket to ticket or accumulated sales, payments, cash movements, goods or stock movements
  • Quick implementation
  • Output IDocs for article-price, assortment lists and promotions.
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Value Proposition and references 

Seidor facilitates the maximum use of the tool with a complete set of services that include consultancy seminars for the configuration and analysis of requirements, user training, user manual and design document, and functional analysis.

Some references: 

  • References Abacus
  • Casa Viva
  • Cottet
  • Expomobi
  • Farmacias Guerrero
  • Fundación Gala Dalí
  • Fustes Esteba
  • Moldes
  • Óptica Chiva
  • SONY
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