Productivity, flexibility, efficiency, optimization and automation. By following these basic principles, companies will more quickly reach their business objectives. We at Seidor understand this and it is with this in mind that we facilitate companies, whatever size they may be, the possibility to integrate all their management systems into one which provides everything necessary to grow and make the best decisions.

We propose different ways of integrating your systems according to your requirements so that the improvement in flexibility and acceleration of commercial process become a reality, and so too the savings and the relationships between departments. We do this by using tools that coordinate an end-to-end business process, and solutions that integrate SAP and non-SAP systems, coordinate business processes that include different departments and manage all the electronic commercial documents of your company.


Description and benefits

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Our range for integration includes the suite of SAP tools for the orchestration of processes (coordination of events and activities), the process integration system to connect SAP and non-SAP systems, and the integration of EDI with SAP ERP to manage all the electronic commercial documents of a company.


  • Improvement in corporate flexibility
  • Low cost with predefined scenarios
  • Easily expandable
  • Streamlining of commercial processes and administrative savings
  • Customized design
  • Automation of business decisions

Value proposition and sectors 

  • Automate all workflow and even multinational and intercompany processes
  • Save time and eliminate errors from your processes
  • Align the objectives of the business analysts and IT personnel.
  • Industry, especially automotive. Integration with manufacturing customers
  • Consumption. Experience in the integration with superstores and logistics operators. 
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