If you want your company to be more agile in its procedures without the need for travelling, the best option is to have robust electronic signatures and certificates which guarantee security in all procedures, as well as the authenticity, integrity and non-rejection of the documents. With this in mind, we at Seidor, through our Data Center, can provide you with the security to digitally sign the documents of your company thanks to an electronic signature service in SaaS format. This means that the application will be hosted on our servers so that you can have immediate and secure access over the Internet.

The electronic signature tool that we supply does not require integration, its installation is 'plug and play' format (it can be used as soon as it is installed) and will allow you to sign documents in multiple formats, such as PDF, XML or Facturae. In addition, it supports certificates such as those by FNMT or Camerfirma, and has the capacity to sign more than 250,000 documents an hour, with the guarantee of being an easily accessible system, easy to use and permanently up-to-date.


This is a solution that can perform all the functions of a digital signature in a server environment: electronic signature of PDF and Facturae (invoices issued) and validation of PDF and Facturae signatures (invoices received). Includes support for high availability configurations and multiformat documents and signatures.


  • Cut costs in postage, storage and paper consumption
  • Hassle free and streamlined process
  • Space savings in physical archiving
  • Secure procedure
  • Certificates on software, SmartCard, memory stick and HSM media. 

Value proposition

  • Contract an electronic signature service for the server hosted on the Seidor DPC, using a pay per use model
  • Sign more than 250,000 documents per hour with complete security and reliability
  • Guarantee the authenticity, integrity and non-rejection of the documents


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